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Heat's Big Interview! The Saturdays: 'The Wanted are just dirty boys' - Vanessa White

Heat's Big Interview! The Saturdays: 'The Wanted are just dirty boys' - Vanessa White

It’s been a busy few months for The Saturdays.

At the end of 2012, Una Healy, 31, Rochelle Humes, 23, Frankie Sandford, 24, Mollie King, 25, and Vanessa White, 23, travelled to the States with one thing on their mind – to crack America.

In what was a massive surprise to most of the pop landscape, they landed their own fly-on-the-wall TV series with US channel E!, which is being shown on both sides of the Atlantic, and have just collaborated with Sean Paul on their new single What About Us. They’ve been very busy indeed.

All are happily loved up except Mollie, who’s currently single after splitting from model
David Gandy, 33, last year. Frankie’s with footballer Wayne Bridge, 32, Una’s married to rugby hottie Ben Foden, 27, Vanessa’s dating stylist Gary Salter, and Rochelle and JLS’ Marvin, 27, tied the knot last year. Rochelle is now preggers – the second Saturday to have a baby, after Una gave birth to Aoife Belle last March.

Aoife Belle

Talking of whom, Una turns up to the interview with one-year-old Aoife Belle herself, who’s possibly the cutest and most well-behaved child we’ve ever met. Vanessa requests a vodka and tonic, and the others tuck into chocolate, sandwiches and countless cups of tea.

But they aren’t happy about wearing the American football gear we’re putting them in – Frankie’s worried her head will look too small, because she “has a pea head”, and Mollie’s worried about having no neck. It’s all a bit tense, and we’re terrified the shoot won’t go ahead.

Thank God for Vanessa, then, who happily gets into her costume and convinces the other girls that they’ll look great.

When people spend ages in America, they sometimes come back with ridiculous accents. Have you?

Vanessa: No! I think we were putting on our accents a bit more because the Americans like English accents.

Mollie: I didn’t pick up on anything, but when I got back to England, I kept driving on the American side of the road [She means right].

Was it weird not being mobbed in the States, because no one knows you?

Rochelle: We were mobbed by paps, not fans.

Una: There are so many more paps out there, because it’s LA and there are so many famous people. We got papped more over there than we would over here.

Did you get to do lots of touristy things?

M: I went on a homes-of- the-stars tour.

Being famous yourself, wasn’t that a bit weird?

M: I know! It’s the geekiest thing.

Frankie: Like, bordering on stalking.

M: It was just so much fun! And then I could point out things to the girls when we were on our way to work the next day: “Phil Collins’ house is there… Simon [Cowell]’s in there!”

R: [Laughing] Phil Collins!

M: [Seriously] He had a great house, though. Well worth seeing.

R: [Still laughing] Like, “Here’s Madonna’s, here’s David Beckham’s, here’s Simon Cowell’s… and here’s Phil Collins’!”

[All laugh.]

M: It was so funny, because they play their music as they go outside, so it’s like, “Here’s Katy Perry,” then they’ll play I Kissed A Girl right as they go past her house.

V: How fuming would you be, though, if you were Katy Perry and you walked outside your house and there was a bus full of people coming past?

Which celeb had the best house?

Phil Collins

M: Phil Collins! Jennifer Aniston had a great one. Katy Perry’s, though… Oh my God it was a castle! It was lovely. She had her own cliff top.

F: [Matter of factly] She probably doesn’t even live there any more.

The Wanted are doing a fly-on-the-wall TV show now, too. Are you worried that theirs will be more rock ’n’ roll than yours?

The Wanted

All: No!

F: They’re different to us.

V: They’re just dirty boys!

Yeah, but Linsday Lohan will probably rock up on their show – what’s your trump card?

U: We’ve got Aoife Belle!

R: Please don’t put her in the same sentence as Lindsay!

[All guffaw.]

You all seem quite clean cut. Tell us something that’s bad…

R: I don’t ever like to say we’re clean cut, because then people will go and try to catch us out. I just think we’re normal girls. We’re not falling out of a club because it’s going to get column inches.

F: But if we do, we do…

R: If it happens, it’s more like, “Oh s**t!”

We need more drunken details, please…

M: Una’s the best drunk. She comes over and tells you so many times how much she loves you. You feel great afterwards. [Puts on an Irish accent.] “I love you!”

R: She wants to get in a row with you about how much she loves you.

M: [Still speaking in an Irish accent, now shouting a bit] “I just love you so much. Come ’ere…”

Have you ever got in trouble for being badly behaved?

F: I got a lift in a police car. It was really cold one night and we were feeling pretty cheeky after a couple of rosés and they actually gave us a lift to the next club. And I thought, “If I get papped in this car, everyone’s going to think I’ve been arrested!”

M: Frankie was with me one time in LA when they threatened to get the sheriff on me.

F: Basically, Mollie really wanted to go on this bucking bronco thing, but she never learnt that you need ID every bloody time you go out.

V: But then she thought she could sneak on…

F: With everyone else’s ID. She learned my home address, so she could use my sister’s ID.

M: They were, like, “If you try one more time, we’re going to get the sheriff on you.” I was like, “Oh my God. I’m so rock ’n’ roll!”

Rochelle – was it hard for you going to LA after you found out that you were pregnant?

Rochelle and Marvin

R: It was a bit strange, because it isn’t what you conventionally do, I guess. “I’m pregnant… bye!” I did that when I got married as well. I just go to LA when something big happens!

Did you ever consider sacking it all off?

R: No. It was kind of a good thing that I was away when I was pregnant, because that was when I felt the most sick. Marvin thinks I’ve been great, but I felt awful in LA.

F: We had to deal with the sick…

People love bump-touching. Who’s the most famous person who has done it?

R: No one yet. But people think they should just touch your stomach. It’s so weird. People sort of do this… [Pats stomach.] And want to lift up my top.

F: When she’s getting changed, I poke it.

R: And that’s fine, but when you meet someone and they’re like, “Oh my God, congrats!” and then touch it… Shudder.

U: But even if I don’t know a person, I need to touch it. I touch strangers’ bumps.

R: Actual belly, though?

U: Yeah.

R: Actual bare belly?

U: No. I’m not delving in there! [All laugh.]

R: When I was at the airport on the way to meet you guys in Atlanta, a lady put her hand under my bump.

M: That’s rude, though!

R: Exactly!

M: When they go low, though, that’s near The Region.

V: The Region! Your fanny!

U: It’s called a vagina.

V: Your nunny.

R: It’s just a bit weird. It’s a no-go area.

If you had to pick one of JLS and one Saturday to be godparents, who would you choose?

R: I can’t!

But you have to choose one person…

R: I knew you were going to ask that. Aston’s already like, “When the baby’s born, I’m going to take the baby about in my car,” and I’m like, “No, you’re not!” He’s got a two-seater. He’s already bought baby Converse – he bought a white pair in case it’s a girl, and a black pair in case it’s a boy, and put crystals down the side.

All: Awww.

R: He’s obsessed. He keeps buying things.

Have you and Marvin discussed baby names?

R: It’s hard when you don’t know what you’re having.

Would you be tempted to go for a hybrid name, like, say, Marvelle?

R: Not tempted in the slightest.

F: Marvelle is perfect!

Let’s brainstorm baby names...

R: No – just in case any of the ones I actually like come up. I’m not telling anyone. Not even the girls.

F: Personally, I think Wankie [Wayne + Frankie] would make a great one.

V: Sh**e [Vanessa’s boyf’s surname is Salter, Salter + White = Sh**e].

R: I’m keeping schtum.

Can we run a competition in heat to name the baby?

R: Yeah!

Marvin told us last year that there’s been some sexy Skype chats between you two…

R: I told him off about that, and then he tried to say he didn’t say it!

We’ve got it on tape…

R: I don’t want to talk about that! But you’ve got to keep it alive, haven’t you? [Laughs.]

Do all of you send sexy texts?

R: That’s how the baby happened! Well… what does everyone else do? [Looks at the
other girls.]

F: It’s not really my thing, to be honest. 

V: That’s probably what Gary would do, so I don’t bother. 

U: I send things and I get no bloody reply from him [hubby Ben].

How sexy, Una? Clothed or unclothed? 

U: Just a nice one. In a nice bra or something. And then he ignores it.

R: That’s what I would do – just a nice one.

U: I don’t even get a, “Oh, that’s nice,” back.

V: Not The Region!

R: No!

V: Trust me, you’d never know where that would end up. Imagine if your nunny got out in public!

F: [To Vanessa] Don’t be sending me pictures of your Region.

M: Yeah, I send mine to the girls. Hey, girls!

R: Gross.

Mollie, all of your former boyfriends have been attractive. Would you go out with a minger?

Mollie and her ex David Gandy

[All laugh.]

M: If they’re a really nice person, then yes.

F: I wouldn’t let her!

M: If I was attracted to them, then that’s fine.

V: She’s got a few weird tastes.

How weird?

F: Like, old-men weird.

M: I quite like an older man.

What about a cougar thing with 1D’s Harry Styles?

Harry Styles

M: No, I couldn’t date him. Oh no.

F: She loves an old man.

M: I like him and Taylor Swift. Can’t they just get back together?

Frankie – when you eventually marry Wayne, are you going to plan a really over-the-top showbiz wedding?

Frankie and Wayne

F: I never thought I would, but I’d quite like to go away. But then you’ve got grandparents and family and stuff to take into consideration.

R: And also, it’s quite stressful picking things from far away.

U: I did it in Ireland.

F: I was thinking more an island far away. [Laughs.] n

What About Us (feat Sean Paul) is out now on Polydor Records


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