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EXCLUSIVE! Jordan explains THAT pink horse outfit to heatworld

EXCLUSIVE! Jordan explains THAT pink horse outfit to heatworld

Jordan has worn some crazy outfits in the past but when she turned up to the photocall for the fifth anniversary of her KP Equestrian range dressed as a Pink HORSE even we were impressed.

So much so that we had to chat to the 34-year-old about her wacky get-up, with the newly married mum-of-three (and expecting a fourth) admitting she knows she looks "ridiculous".

She told heatworld: "“How cool is [the outfit]? It’s even got the [high heel] shoes on.
“I feel really ridiculous sitting here in this while you are [dressed] so normal!"

She explained her thinking behind the costume, revealing: “It’s a big day today it is the fifth year that I’ve done KP Equestrian and I thought ‘what shall I do for this one?’ cos it’s quite hard to do horsey stuff and normally you have to give and take – you have to do something quite sexy or quirky or something. So I thought ‘why not dress up as, what do they call it, a centaur?’

“So I did. I didn’t know how it would quite look but I think it’s quite cute, something different. It’s better than standing there being boring."

With her new hubby Kieran Hayler, 25, standing nearby - we just had to ask if Kieran had a his and hers blue boy 'My Little Pony' costume hanging in the wardrobe at home.

"I think Kieran has enough outfits to try on," Jordan told us, alluding to his job as a stripper before looking at her furry legs. "It isn’t very sexy is it?"

No, but it is amazing. Bravo Jordan, bravo.

Read all about Jordan's latest court battle with ex-hubby Peter Andre in this week's mag.


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