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Tulisa's former co-star Robert Sheehan tells heat: "She'll crack Hollywood!"

Tulisa's former co-star Robert Sheehan tells heat:

Her future on The X Factor might be shakey but Tulisa Contostavlos has spent the last week in Hollywood trying to make it as an actress, claiming that she is "95 per cent confirmed" to have a role in a big movie sequel.

So when heatworld bumped into her former Demons Never Die co-star Robert Sheehan at the Jameson Empire Awards at Grovesnor House Hotel last night, we had to find out what he makes of the N Dubz singer's attempt to make it on the silver screen.

But the Irish charmer, 25, had to be reminded that he was even actually in a film with 'The Female Boss', asking: "I was in a movie with Tulisa? Was I? Oh I was."


Tulisa is trying to make it as an actress in Hollywood

Tulisa had a small role in the 2011 Brit slasher flick, with Robert revealing: "I don't want to ruin anything for you but she had a very small part and I never actually met the girl. Think Drew Barrymore in Scream. I have probably ruined it completely for ya now haven't I?"

Er, we think so Robert - so Tulisa meets an untimely end in the horror film. Was she a good screamer, we asked?

"I thought she was a very good screamer in the film," Misfits actor Robert confirmed. "And, again, not ruining anything, I thought she had very great handwriting. Oh god, I'm just hemorrhaging spoilers here aren't I? But seriously - Tulisa's handwriting was fantastic. So of course she'll crack Hollywood. Oscars are waiting. Good luck to her!"

Hmmm, yeah we're as confused as you are about why Robert wanted to praise her handwriting...although we don't doubt that it is lovely.

Tulisa has spoken about her desire to further her film career, revealing: "The X Factor is the only TV I would really do but I am getting back into my acting career this year. There's a couple of films in the pipeline."

Robert was attending the swanky Jameson Empire Awards to "shamelessly plug" his new movie The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones.


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