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VIDEO: The Jersey Shore gang down Snooki's breast milk. Ewwww!

In the Reality TV world, the bar of disgust is set pretty high and there isn’t much we haven’t seen before.

However this week’s Jersey Shore went to a whole new level when they substituted their typical vodka shot for shots of Snooki’s breast milk!


Well we know it wasn’t tasty because the first brave Jersey Shorer to try the milk was Roger Matthews who (a little too casually) stated: “It's a bit clumpy going down. It's got clumps in it - a bit like mashed potato.”


We all hoped that after that rather repulsive description it would stop there. But no.

Jwoww wasn’t about to let Snooki’s fella Jionni LaVelle get away with shirking the horrendous challenge.

She taunted him saying: "I can't believe you let another man taste your wife-to-be's breast milk before you."

With a countdown from Roger the group then downed the rest of the “clumpy” white stuff.

The suspense was surprisingly entertaining…

After gulping her shot Snooki revealed: "That was my first shot in nine months and it was my own breast milk. There's something disgusting about that. That tasted like s**t."

Well the bar has now been set. But the question is can it be risen any time soon?

We hope not!


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