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Dermot O’Leary tweets about The Voice UK, The Voice UK tweets back and things get weird

Dermot O’Leary tweets about The Voice UK, The Voice UK tweets back and things get weird

Last night Dermot O’Leary was tweeting about The Voice UK. We’re not sure what Simon Cowell will say when it he hears about this, but that didn’t stop Dermmy.

However, it all go a bit strange when the person manning the Voice’s Twitter account tried to banter back with Dermot. At least we thing they were trying to banter.

Derm started off by saying, “She doesn't want a hug. She wants them to push the button.”

The Voice UK Twitter account then started chatting to Dermot, saying, “@radioleary thanks for watching, Dermot. #thevoiceuk”

The X Factor host then kindly replied, “@BBCTheVoiceUK No sweat. You should come to one of our live shows sometime ...”

The Voice UK Twitter then hit back, “@radioleary we'd love to but, erm, we're washing our chairs”

How charming. Feeling offended Dermot replied, “@BBCTheVoiceUK No really... You should.”

The Voice UK then went a bit nutty, tweeting back, “@radioleary yawn. Will you judge us if we don't? Judge us with your judgey judgements?”

Poor Dermot then replied, “@BBCTheVoiceUK Not sure any of that made sense.Nice show tonight. Just take that on face value. Still should have put Jessica Steele through.”

The Voice UK then backtracked a bit, telling Derm, “@radioleary sorry, too much sunshine. Many thankyous, Mr O'Leary!”

Apology accepted, Dermot then tweeedt, “@BBCTheVoiceUK No sweat. X #playthepipesofpeace”

We’re glad everyone’s friends again, but what on earth was going on there?


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