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Dina Lohan: “Lindsay knows she needs help this time – she wanted to go…”

Dina Lohan: “Lindsay knows she needs help this time – she wanted to go…”

Lindsay Lohan’s mum, Dina, has spoken out about her daughter finally checking herself into rehab, claiming that Lindsay knew that it was time to go in.

Speaking about Lindsay’s whirlwind 48 hours, where at one point no-one quite knew where she was, Dina explained that the 26-year-old is dedicated to getting better this time around.

"I am so relieved and thankful that Lindsay is getting the help she needs in a credible place.

"She actually wanted to go, whether the court said to or not. She is happy there, to get introspective and get back on the right track.

"She has a different frame of mind this time. She realizes and she knows she needs help this time. She was like, 'I'm sorry, Mommy.' And I tell her, 'Don't say you are sorry. You just have to work on yourself and on getting well. Don't beat yourself up."

Things seemed to be getting a little hairy yesterday, after Lindsay decided that she would rather go to rehab in California, than in New York, but then ended up wandering around an electrical store for a while as the court wouldn’t sign off her new, rehab centre of choice.

We’re guessing she forgot her electric toothbrush.

She then got hold of her former lawyer, Shawn Holley, and luckily – she managed to get to checked into the Betty Ford clinic, at around 1:30am.

The mum-of-four then went to reveal exactly why Lindsay chose Betty Ford, explaining that she didn’t really see the point of unpacking all her 270 outfits at the Morningside clinic, if the court wasn’t going to let her stay.

"The people are so dedicated at that place. It is a great facility. [Lindsay] had just gotten word [that Morningside] wasn't approved by the court. She didn't want to unpack and then a few days later have to move.

"She felt it was best to get into a place that the court has approved and let her start her treatment. They are very protective of paparazzi and leaks and very professional. She just needs to heal peacefully and quietly."

Speaking to E!, Dina sounded positive about the treatment Lindsay is expecting to receive before defending the actress’ problem past.

“The bottom line is that [addiction] is a disease. It is a gene. Pretty much one in every family in the world carries it. It is difficult. You just have to heal.”

Well she’s got 90 days now, Dina. We just hope she makes it through.


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