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EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna’s dad tells heat, “I think she needs to take a little rest”

EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna’s dad tells heat, “I think she needs to take a little rest”

Rihanna’s father has exclusively told heat he fears his daughter may burn out if she doesn’t “ease up” just a week after illness again forced her to cancel two concerts in Texas.

In this week’s heat (happy heat day by the way!) we’ve got all the inside gossip behind Rihanna’s struggles over the last week with her health and on-off boyfriend Chris Brown.

Our sources have revealed how friends are concerned for the singer after the battle between Chris and her ex-boyfriend Drake reignited this week. As well as cancelling tour dates (her reps said she was suffering with laryngitis) the singer’s been so exhausted she’s even been shunning parties. Yep, you heard us.

Anyway, if you’ve already read heat, as we’re sure you have, we’re sure you’ll know all about that.

But someone who’s also worried for Rihanna is her father, Ronald Fenty, who thinks his daughter needs to ease up on her workload… but not necessarily her party lifestyle.

“She likes to enjoy herself, who doesn’t?” he told us. “I think she needs to cut down on the work more than partying.

“She never tells me how hard it is, but I’ve seen the hours that go in, it can be 16 hour days, then she has to do the next thing and the next thing, like an appearance somewhere. The hours are long.

“I always worry for her. But every time she sneezed as a baby I used to run the doctors!

“I think she needs to take a little rest, a break. I think she might be working too hard - it is a busy schedule. But business is business and she has to fulfill it. It’s taken a little toll on her and she needs to ease up.”

Even since she cancelled her two concerts, Rihanna's shown little sign of trying to wind down, posting pictures of her enjoying a break in Miami before she headed back on stage in Atlanta last night.

Rihanna’s only a month into her Diamonds World Tour, which lasts until October last year and asked if she might burn out because of her heavy schedule, he told us: “I wonder about that. I know in my first job I used to work 16 hour shifts in a factory that belonged to my stepfather. I would start at 7.30 and finish at 11pm, I did it for four years and I said to myself I would never do this again.

“Robyn has as much energy as a lumberjack on stage - I look at her show and I think that is work, a lot of work. Next time round on her American tour I think she should have less concerts and pay more attention to herself. But she loves to be on stage, she does not like to disappoint people."

But when Ronald last spoke to Rihanna about three weeks ago she still told him how much she loved her job.  "We talked about the tour, and how it was going good,” he says. “She said ‘dad I’m still enjoying playing, I wouldn’t trade it for the world’, she loves what she does.”

Rihanna did receive some backlash from fans on twitter after cancelling her third and fourth shows in less than a month and Ronald says he understands their frustrations. “Who would not be upset? If I paid to see a Rihanna concert I would be upset if it was cancelled - but her health comes first and foremost.

“People don’t understand but I think she is more upset by disappointing her fans then they are disappointed that the show is cancelled.”

“Maybe she’s just too tired and she just needs a tonic. When I speak to her I will tell her to try to slow down a little bit and have a little quality time to yourself and take more care of herself.”


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