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“I’m incredibly straight-laced” Carrie star Chloe Moretz claims she is not your average child actress

“I’m incredibly straight-laced” Carrie star Chloe Moretz claims she is not your average child actress

Considering the amount of success actress Chloe Moretz has had by the tender age of 16, no one would be surprised if the child star went off the rails in the fashion of so many child stars before her, but Chloe claims she is too ‘straight-laced’ for that ever to happen.

"I'm, like, incredibly straight-laced, considering what some 16-year-olds are doing. This business is not peaches and cream, and I've fought tooth and nail to earn this spot. I'm not a girl who's ridden on a last name or lucked into it from getting on one project that blows up. I worked for 11 years, and I have to keep working, too, because if I sat back on my haunches right now, I could disappear within a month." We doubt that, Chloe, but it’s good to see you have your head screwed on!

Chloe has already had a career most actresses would envy, with roles in Kick Ass 2, (500) Days of Summer, Hugo and Dark Shadows. The fame clearly hasn’t gone to Chloe’s head as she claims she is just like her friends. “On the other hand, I have to portray that glamorous image of, like, Dior Couture! Chanel! Prada! That's a character. It's 'the star,' not 'the girl.' So in my brand, it's all in one package. That's just what you have to do." She told Nylon magazine. We’re pretty jealous that our job doesn’t require us to turn up in Dior…

Chloe is the star of cult horror movie remake, Carrie, and says that she had to try some method acting to really get into her creepy character. “When I do a crying scene, I'm the type of actor who usually breaks right out of it afterwards, and I'm laughing and being silly. But with Carrie, I wanted to try staying in character and being in that dark space all day. I'm not very serious Method. It's not like I didn't talk to my family or go crazy and not eat, but with the director and the actors I was Carrie all the time on set. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had, but it was one of the darkest, and I'm terrified to see the movie because it's the most vulnerable I've ever been."


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