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Simon Cowell takes natural hormones to help him sleep!

It seems Simon Cowell has been taking a natural hormone to help ease the strain of his jet-setting lifestyle.

The sleep aiding hormone, which can be found in the body, is called, Melatonin.

The man-made version can be prescribed by doctors to over-55 year olds to help beat insomnia.

For anyone under-55, the NHS suggests, this medication should be prescribed with special care otherwise, not at all.

People who fly a lot choose to take the medication, which can’t be bought over the counter, to help cure their jet lag.

Simon told The Mirror, “Handling the jet lag is bloody difficult. I just take some melatonin occasionally. And maybe a vodka, lime and soda and a few beers.”

Other than helping you relax your body clock, two of the possible side effects include excessive sweating and flatulence.

Erm, so maybe don’t stand too close to Si while he’s on them!

Other risks could include increased weight gain and a heightened sexual appetite!

Sleep therapist Dr Nerina Ramlakhan told the newspaper, “The bottom line is that it’s not a good idea.

“Melatonin influences so many different functions that it can affect your body’s ability to behave in a normal and balanced way.

“Taking it is really not a good habit to get into.”

Well especially if it’s going to make Simon fart!

How about just a nice aromatherapy session and a herbal tea?


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