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Here’s a picture of Rihanna’s bum, for that one person on earth who hasn’t seen it yet

Here’s a picture of Rihanna’s bum, for that one person on earth who hasn’t seen it yet

If you have not seen Rihanna’s bum yet ever in your life: here is a picture of Rihanna’s bum. Now, more pressingly, let’s tackle today’s Question of the Day: What kind of insane, contortionist-like positions must you have to put yourself into to take a selfie of your bum? HOW. HOW AND WHY.

Anyway, when Rihanna isn’t putting herself at serious lumbar risk by taking Instagram pictures of her own buttocks, she’s filming music videos, which is what she was doing yesterday when doing the aforementioned with the twisting and the bum picture taking of.

“And that’s a #WRAP,” she said, followed by five exclamation marks (excessive). “#pouritupvideoshoot.”

Rihanna then did another bum pic, later on. BUM-MANIA.

Smooth segue coming up

Which means Pour It Up will be the third single from her album then, huh. Fans of the song will already know it is basically about writhing on stripper poles and throwing money on the floor, so you can imagine what the video is going to be like. ‘Not tame’, basically.

One person who will not be looking at Rihanna’s bum anymore is Chris Brown, who seems to be back in the arms of ex- Karrueche Tran. The pair were involved in a minor traffic accident earlier this week (which we all know is the most romantic thing a couple can do together, just ahead of champagne picnics) after Chris drove into the back of a Mercedes.


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