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Jack Tweed explains why he left dying Jade Goody’s bedside

Jack Tweed explains why he left dying Jade Goody’s bedside
Jade and Jack married in early 2009, shortly before Jade's death

Jack Tweed, has explained why he left his wife of one month, Big Brother star Jade Goody, on her deathbed.

He told Jeremy Kyle: "I was still thinking she's not going to die, something's going to happen. "I used to sit there researching stuff, how to beat cancer, I used to write down what tea to drink, what grapes to eat, and all this stuff."

 "It was like she used all her last energy on the wedding, she was up dancing, and then after that she was just in bed for the next month.”

On the special edition of Jeremy Kyle, entitled Jack Tweed: Life after Jade, he continued: "And I used to sit there literally for days, talking about how I can be a millionaire from growing pineapples, because obviously the drugs would just make her go on.

"The doctors said you'll be able to tell when it's going to happen because she struggles for her breath. And it gradually got worse and worse, and I slept on the floor every night for the month next to her."

Jack explained that eventually he couldn’t bear to be next to Jade, who was suffering with cervical cancer, any longer: "Then the last night, it was early in the morning and it was just getting heavier and heavier, her whole body was moving because she was fighting to breathe and I just couldn't, I couldn't sit there no more."

Crying in the interview, which is yet to be screened, he said: “I just kissed her and walked out. And it just went silent after a couple of minutes."

Jack also admitted that he felt suicidal when he was accused of rape: “It was literally the second worst time of my life.

"I felt like god was looking at me and going 'I'm going to destroy you in every way I can, you're not going to have a good life.'"

Something tells us Chanelle won't be happy with Jack
Something tells us Chanelle won't be happy with Jack

Jack, who was later found not guilty, was sent back into prison before the trial because he was on licence for a previous conviction of ABH. He said that the time spent there was pretty horrendous: "I always say if I had a gun I would have shot myself in the head without a question I would have, because I couldn't handle it.

"It was horrible, just to be associated with that word, it makes me angry thinking about it, it winds me up."

Hmm. This interview, though very heartfelt, isn’t going to put Jack in good favour with ex-girlfriend Chanelle Hayes, who has previously said: "I'm f***ing sick of living up to a ghost". But maybe that's not the point...are you going to be watching?


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