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Jay-Z denies those pesky ‘Beyoncé is pregnant again’ rumours

Jay-Z denies those pesky ‘Beyoncé is pregnant again’ rumours

Is Beyoncé pregnant? Hard to tell. On one hand, both Beyoncé and Jay-Z have denied that she is pregnant. But on the other hand… no, actually. No, that’s pretty indisputable.

Quick catch-up: At the weekend the metaphorical ‘rumour mill’ on which we constantly whirl went into ‘overdrive’ (metaphorical, again), when E! News perhaps optimistically announced Beyoncé was expecting a little brother or sister for 16-month-old Blue Ivy.

Beyoncé responded with a pretty huffy (and quickly deleted) Instagram post about how she “can’t stop the rumours” from starting and she can’t “change the minds of people that believe them” and a load of saccharine Instagram stuff like that. So, that’s us telt.

But now a DJ in America who is close to Jay-Z claims he too has refuted the claims in a private e-mail.

Electronic mail

The DJ – called, um, Old Man Ebro – said he contacted Hova over the weekend, but was told the rumours weren’t true.

“I e-mailed on some congratulations,” he told Flashing Light Report. “You know, send my love to the family… blah blah blah. He hit me back and said: ‘it’s not true, the news is worse than blogs’.”

Sadface. Guess we’ll just have to placate ourselves with a massive worldwide Beyoncé tour to help us get over the disappointment instead. Oh well.


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