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The Cheeky Girls on suffering from an eating disorder: ‘We lost control of our lives so controlled what we ate’

The Cheeky Girls on suffering from an eating disorder: ‘We lost control of our lives so controlled what we ate’

The Cheeky Girls have spoken out to admit that they both suffered from an eating disorder when they became famous.

The identical twins, Gabriela and Monica Irimai, reveled on Lorraine that struggling with fame and feeling out of control led them to control their eating,

“It just happened just like that - we didn’t have control over our life at all, over our career, so what do you control the best, what you put in your mouth basically,” said Monica

“This is what happened - we didn’t even realise it, we were just sick overnight. And after about four years I decided, this is it – I'm not going to stay between four walls, drinking only soft drinks.

“We just didn’t want to go out because canapes would be served or anything like that! We would drink diet soft drinks all day and basically have a mushroom for lunch!”


The girls both insist that the pressures of being famous made them feel that they had to look a certain way, and well as causing them to develop an eating disorder they also underwent cosmetic surgery.

Spending close to £100,000 between them on a total of nine breast augmentations they girls say they though boob jobs would improve their careers.

“At the age of 19 we never really had an issue with our body but the moment we started being pop stars and being in the glamour and being in the industry, it was a lot of pressure coming from everywhere so this was the first reason why we took some action - we thought it was going to make our career even better at the time.”


Gabriela also revealed that the girls were so ill it affected their memories of travelling around the world and performing,

“Our memories are quite lost now - looking back at some pictures when we travelled all around the Far East and around Europe, I’m looking at the picture and saying to myself, ‘Did I actually go there?’ I can’t remember because I had been sick at the time.”

Sounds like being a Cheeky Girl wasn't much fun.



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