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Mila Kunis is “in love” with Ashton Kutcher, millions of men are left distraught

Mila Kunis is “in love” with Ashton Kutcher, millions of men are left distraught

Cartoon-voiced world’s sexiest woman Mila Kunis is “in love” with Ashton Kutcher, apparently, which would probably explain why basically every man on earth is currently outside kicking a tin can around the street like a sad, dejected Charlie Brown. Sorry, ‘basically every man on earth’.

The usually coy Ted star opened up ever-so-slightly in an interview with Italian fashion mag Io Donna, telling them that love was a “wonderful” thing, which strongly sort of hints that she is in it (love) with someone (Ashton Kutcher from off of the telly).

“You can ask me anything about Ashton,” she said. “I won’t answer.

“But I can tell you: love is great, love is wonderful, and it’s all around us.” Then she literally winked and added, “See? I just gave you an awesome quote!” YEAH ALRIGHT MILA WE GET IT YOU’RE REALLY HAPPY WHATEVER *boots a tin can into the sea*


The pair have been quietly dating since early last year (following Ashton’s slightly awkward split with Demi Moore), and have spent the past few months living in the UK – leading to rumours that they may be planning a wedding over here, replete with drizzle and tea and scones and bulldogs and other sort of typically British things.

Mila hinted strongly that she wanted to slow down the pace of her worklife and instead focus on the future earlier this year, saying: “I don’t think I can do this three-movies-a-year thing. It’s too much. There comes a point in your life where you just want to be… home.”


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