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Anne Hathaway is definitely not too boring for words, according to her rep

Anne Hathaway is definitely not too boring for words, according to her rep

Anne Hathaway is not boring, people. Anne Hathaway will cross stitch the living flip out of you, yeah? Anne Hathaway will show you a handmade collage of pictures of her and her friends at college (with ‘BFFs forEVs!’ written on the back in Pink biro, with love hearts, with kisses) and show you just how ‘not boring’ she is. Anne Hathaway will call her parents right now and they will TELL YOU how absolutely interesting their peculiarly hateable daughter is, yeah? So stop saying she is boring, everybody!

And that especially goes to you, ‘the publishing industry’. According to Star magazine, Anne has been shopping an autobiography detailing her wild life around to various publishers in the US, who have all unequivocally turned it down because Anne Hathaway is so boring. And the book was so boring and nobody likes her “Anne was told flat out that her life isn’t just that interesting and she’s just not popular enough,” an insider said. “She is crushed because she thought she had a best-seller.”

Only actually she isn’t boring, actually, according to her rep, actually, so. So think again, ‘publishing’. Think again, ‘the rumour mill’.

“[It’s] completely false,” a Hathaway rep told Gossip Cop, presumably while Anne Hathaway baked vegan cupcakes in the background, or penned handwritten thank-you notes to people who sent her presents on her birthday. “She has never even contemplated writing a book.” / Anne Hathaway was recently spotted buying coffee while wearing a Duran Duran t-shirt.


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