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"Will the baby have its own security?" All your royal baby questions answered by Paul Burrell

It's the single most important arrival of 2013, so we thought you might have one or two questions you'd like answered about Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal baby?

And who better to answer them than Princess Diana's former butler and general royal know-it-all, Paul Burrell and Editor-in-Chief of Mother & Baby magazine, Claire Irvin?

What’s the protocol when a royal baby arrives?

Because the Queen is so important, she’s the first to find out. “Rather than a group text message to family and friends after the birth from Will’s mobile, he will phone his grandmother on an encrypted phone to keep it secure from hackers,” says Claire. After that, the couple’s private secretary, Jamie Lowther- Pinkerton, will inform PM David Cameron. Then the 54 heads of the Commonwealth will be told, and then us minions get a sign on an easel outside Buckingham Palace to let us know the good news.

What presents will the baby receive?

According to Paul, the royal baby will get presents from all over the world. "Everything from knitted suits to gold-plated christening sets," says Paul. "Kate will thank family and friendsby writing to them, and everyone else will get thanked by their office. So everyone gets a letter, no matter what you send. Who knows? China might give the new baby a panda for London zoo."

Will the baby have its own security?

"There will be two police officers responsible for the baby from day one," says Paul. The baby has two policemen earmarked, one on, one off, because this is a VIB: a very important baby. There won't be any lookalikes or decoys, only the real thing."

What will happen at the Christening?

At the christening at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, the royal baby will wear the same gown worn by Prince Charles, Princes William and Harry (and every royal child since 1841, in fact). “There are likely to be lots of godparents, probably including [Prince] Harry, Pippa and James [Middleton], but also others that strike a balance between age and position," says Claire.

What will the grandparents be called?

Paul says, “On the royal side, the grandparents will be called ‘Granny’ and ‘Grandpa’. Then the Christian names are usually added for the other granny and grandpa.” Say hello to Granny Carole and Grandpa Michael.

What will the baby eat?

There’s not a royal food tester – and when the baby moves to solids, it’s in for a treat. “Royal nursery food is the best!” according to Paul. “The same chef who cooks for the family will be cooking for baby. [When it’s old enough] it’ll be eating sausages, beans, cheese on toast, steamed puddings… good, solid, honest food."

What will the new baby wear? 

Paul says, “I’ll bet Babygros and suits will be bought in highstreet stores. Something will only be made specially for official photo shoots.” Claire adds, “The royal nursery will operate on green principles thanks to eco-warrior grandad Prince Charles – and serial recycler of outfits, Kate herself.” Chelsea store Trotters is said to be where Kate will shop for babywear.

Is the royal baby really related to Beyoncé?

Technically, yes. Experts at have calculated that HRH royal child will be the 23rd cousin, twice removed, of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter, thanks to some shared French heritage. Not only that, but the child could also be a distant relative of Ben Affleck, Jake Gyllenhaal and Celine Dion. Who knew?


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