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David Schwimmer's neighbours hate him so much they graffitied his house

David Schwimmer's neighbours hate him so much they graffitied his house

Whaaaaaat? We hear you cry, how could anyone hate loveable nerd Ross and his nerdy little face. Who could despise the HOLIDAY ARMADILLO for God's sake? Well, it would seem, his entire neighbourhood from the very first moment he moved into New York's swanky East Village.

According to Vanity Fair, rather than collecting rocks and treasuring ancient artefacts, real-life Ross is more of a fan of yanking them down as he proved when he built his house.

In 2010 he bought a 5 storey 1852 townhouse for $4.1 millon, but swiftly tore it down in order to build himself a new 9,000 sq foot home. Work began, reportedly AFTER he learned it was a building of historical interest. Naughty Ross!

Anyway his neighbours are pretty bloody peeved about the whole thing and have set about giving him the stink eye and graffing up the construction site. One neighbour has even written 'Ross is not cool' on the outside of his house.

Considering he earned his fortune off the back of Friends, he ain't too good at making them.


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