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Cumberwatch #2 – your weekly dose of Benedict Cumberbatch news, gossip and gratuitous pictures

Welcome Cumberfans one and all. Here's your quite-popular-so-we're-considering-making-it-a-regular-feature round-up of Benedict Cumberbatch news from the last week. Grab yourself a deerstalker, load up that four-second clip of him saying "Damn good shag" on YouTube and feast your eyes on this lot.

We'd like to Desolate his Smaug

Yes, the moment we've all been waiting for with every sinew in our body straining and quivering is here – the first glimpse of Benedict as a dragon. The official trailer for the second Hobbit film was released today and features his honeyed tones purring ferociously as Smaug.

QUESTION: is it wrong to fancy a voice? QUESTION 2: can someone persuade Benedict to record an entire audiobook in his Smaug voice? We would buy that audiobook and we would listen the hell out of it.

What's in a meme?

Are you a Cumberbitch? A Cumberbabe? A Ben-addict? Benedict's fanbase needed a better word to describe themselves, and fast. Luckily, the internet came up with 'Cumbercookies'. Why? Because together they make a 'Cumberbatch'. And that is the true meaning of beauty. THANKS, THE INTERNET.

Beyond the Pines

Benedict was spotted having a cheeky fag break with Star Trek co-star Chris Pines this weekend as the actors watched Justin Timberlake bring down the Roundhouse in Camden as part of the iTunes Festival. Our invite must have got lost in the post. 'S fine. There are rumours swirling around that film bosses are planning a reunion for them both on the back of the Star Trek: Into Darkness success. Anything that sees Benedict slipping back into that black form-fitting uniform is fine by us.

Norton but nice

Good news, fans of staying in on a Friday night: Cumberbuns will be appearing on Graham Norton's BBC1 chat show on October 11th to talk about his upcoming project. The Radio Times reports: "Cumberbatch is back home to promote his new movie The Fifth Estate, a biopic which sees him play WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange through his transition from little-known activist to internet pioneer." He'll be joined by Harrison Ford, Jack Whitehall and James Blunt. SET YOUR ALARMS NOW.

Star phwoars

OK, there's been speculation for ages that Benedict will be offered a part in the upcoming Star Wars movie, Episode VII. The rumour mill's gone into overdrive with gossip that he'll play a Sith Lord in the JJ Abrams-directed film, although the movie reps are denying EVERYTHING. As is their way. The spoilsports.


So we were just idly trawling through our Google Alerts for Benedict Cumberbatch (joke! We wouldn't really be so sad to set up a Google Alert for him! That would be so stalkery! Hahahahahaha! Ahaha. Ha.) and we came across this two-year-old video of him reading John Keats' Ode to a Nightingale. His voice is roughly 3,000 octaves lower than normal people's, and we're finding it does… disturbing things to our insides. ENJOY.


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