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Benedict Cumberbatch: 'Fans put me on the Internet on top of hedgehogs dancing to Michael Jackson'

Benedict Cumberbatch: 'Fans put me on the Internet on top of hedgehogs dancing to Michael Jackson'

We're a bit concerned about the Internet; it's been making some odd creaking noises in the last few days. Google searches randomly redirect to Tumblr accounts. Images pop up of deerstalker hats being worn at jaunty angles. Mark Gatiss's laughing face haunts our dreams. What's going on?

Sherlock's back, of course. The Most Amazing BBC Drama Ever Made, Bar None™ has been lighting up our screens and pumping record levels of dopamine into the population, meaning we've forgotten all about it being January and rainy.

Star of the show Benedict Cumberbatch has appeared in GQ this month to discuss the latest series, and let slip a few Sherlockian secrets - including what he really thinks about his fans.

"When you do Sherlock in London, it becomes street theatre," he explained in the interview.

"When we're in Gower Street, it's barmy. A massive element of our day is crowd control. It's weird, you go out onto the street and you actually get this bubble of performance anxiety like you do if you're going on stage."

Benedict revealed that he's baffled by the internet reaction to his work. "If I went like that [makes hand signal], then a load of people would laugh, someone would say, 'What did he do?' Then they'd review it on their phones, post it, and put it on the internet as me dancing on the top of a hedgehog to Michel Jackson or whatever it is they fancy doing that day."


He also hinted that while he's not yet joined the Twittersphere, he hasn't entirely ruled it out one day.

"There's a certain amount of me that likes to respect the idea that my work is public but my life isn't … But who knows, maybe I'll decide it's a game I'd like to play? At the moment I'm just really enjoying the space I've got in the public, which is through my work, and this is an extraordinary year."

Sherlock returns for the final episode of the third season on Sunday 12th January at 8.30pm on BBC One.


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