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Margot Robbie politely turns down Hugh Hefner’s invitation to get naked for Playboy

Margot Robbie politely turns down Hugh Hefner’s invitation to get naked for Playboy
Look into his eyes and tell us this man is alive

Wolf Of Wall Street star Margot Robbie has turned down an invitation from the 87-year-old remains of Hugh Hefner to pose naked in his naked lady magazine, Playboy.

Hugh – who we are 90% convinced is a zombie reanimated from a corpse that first fell dead mid-orgy some time toward the end of the ‘70s – made the offer of a naked Playboy shoot to Margot through the medium of ‘weird, semi-tumescent comments made to US Weekly’, telling the magazine last week: “[She’s] very, very pretty.

“She should be in Playboy! Send her a message! We’re ready for her.”


But Margot took to New Zealand radio today to deny that she would be posing for Playboy, explaining that she’d already put her family through enough after her full-frontal scene in the Oscar-nominated movie, and they didn’t really need to see a picture of her posing cheerily with glassy eyes next to Hugh Hefner, his liver-spotted old man-hands slowly crawling over his shoulder, his face drooling and sagging, his dressing gown suspicious.

“I’ve put my family through enough,” the Aussie actress told New Zealand’s The Edge. “When I’m in my 50s I’m going to be looking back saying, ‘Whoop, whoop! Look how good mum looked!’”


She also credited the film crew for her flawless appearance in That Scene Where She Takes All Her Clothes Off Then Does It With Leo.

“I had a crew around me making me look that good,” she said. “That was completely not my assets.”

She added: “And I had eaten an apple pie the night before, so don't come to me for diet advice. Just have a whole team lighting you and oiling you and you will look fantastic.” Wait, so the film isn’t real? Well this changes everything.


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