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Spencer Matthews is dating Leonardo DiCaprio’s model ex-girlfriend

Spencer Matthews is dating Leonardo DiCaprio’s model ex-girlfriend
There never seems to be a shortage of ladies ready to date Spencer Matthews and even more amazingly his latest conquest used to date Leonardo DiCaprio!
As sloppy seconds go, picking up someone who was once linked to one of the biggest – not to mention hottest – Hollywood actors on the planet isn’t bad going.
How <does> Spencer do it?
Emma Miller isn’t just known for her connection with the Wolf Of Wall Street star, she’s also a model.
Well of course she is.

Spencer has been spotted pashing with Emma on the beach while the pair are currently in St Barths.
Spenny’s been on holiday since the New Year – the lucky git – while Emma was in St Barths for work. A bikini photo shoot, of course.
Spencer has said his resolution for 2014 is to remain unattached. It’s written down in black and white on his blog,
“To stay young, free and single. OK, this one might be harder to keep but so far, one week in and I'm doing fine.”
Seems like two weeks was just too tricky to manage.


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