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Miley Cyrus has just got a bizarre tattoo in an even more bizarre place

Everyone's favourite gran-friendly pop star Miley Cyrus now has a tattoo on the inside of her lip which begs the question: where next? Her right kidney? A lung?


She posted this to her instagram, while recording with Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne - also instagrammed a lovely snap of Miley rolling what UK media is dubbing "a suspicious cigarette" (guys, c'mon, let's just call a spade a joi... oh for legal reasons? Suspicious cigarette it is.):

Then she flashed a closeup of her bizarre teddy tattoo - unfortunately, it sort of looks like a squashed bee. Or a cookie. Or a sad lemon.

But hey, looking like a bit of a lemon has never stopped the 21 year-old, who is currently recording with Wayne while - according to to his caption - "high as f***". No idea what the asterisks stand for, just like we have no idea what's in that suspicious cigarette. Dreams? Mysteries?

The bee/lemon/cookie/teddy tattoo is the latest of approximately 18 inkings the singer already has - the last time she displayed a tatt on social media was in November, and it was a portrait of her grandmother on her arm. She also has the word "LOVE" in her ear and a horn thing on her arm, to name a few of the classics.

Not sure how she's going to show off this new one, though, without pulling her bottom lip down like a moron. Yep, watch out for this move - it'll probably turn out to be the new Miley Tongue. The Miley Lip. She's such an innovator, you guys.  


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