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Victoria Beckham works out on a treadmill while working at her desk AND wearing heels! Now that’s multitasking

Victoria Beckham is some sort of superwoman. Here she is hard at work on her ever-expanding fashion empire, while walking on a treadmill in heels. HEELS!
We could only do two of those things at once, max. Working at our desk in heels – now that’s an easy one. We have a nice chair to sit on anyway, so no tired-out feet for us.
Working while walking would be doable, if not a little bit bad for our posture – we’d have to lean down to type.
We could even cope with walking (but not running) on a treadmill in a pair of heels. It wouldn’t be fun, but we could manage it.
But not VB, VB has done all three all at once. Heels, walking, working! How does she do it?
Well, this crazy desk/treadmill contraption certainly helps! We’d like to think this is just Posh being a bit “wacky” for the sake of a fun Twitpic, and that she doesn’t really spend her working day like this.


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