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Justin Bieber 'shone flashlight in children's eyes' in Canadian supermarket

Justin Bieber 'shone flashlight in children's eyes' in Canadian supermarket

Justin Bieber's bid to troll the entire world one person at a time is gathering pace now, as the petulant poutster has now been accused of acting like a giant douchebag in a Canadian supermarket.

A customer took to Facebook to blast the Baby singer, saying Justin and his entourage had turned up at a Walmart store in Stratford - where Justin is originally from - and generally wreaked havoc.

According to Mike Malcho, the 20-year-old star bounced balls around the shop, opened food packets and even shone flashlights in children's faces.

On the one hand, that's kind of par for the course at our local Asda - but then we don't live in Canada, which by law is all about the manners.

Apparently, Mike had a go at Justin and his "30 goons" inside the supermarket, to no avail.

He wrote on Facebook: "Justin shame on u.....ya know from get go I supported ur ass...Always saying he's a kid...Money has got to him he will find his way back....on and on....U disgust me....Yes I am happy I told u exactly what I thought of u...u and ur 30 goons.

"I cannot believe they allow u to behave that way and r right beside u doing it....Waltz into Walmart last night and low and behold Mr Bieber not only being a little p***k to young girls by shining flash lights in there face."

TBH, it's not the worst thing Justin's ever done - but then again he is still in lots of trouble over that alleged drag race arrest back in January, so… might want to think about dialling it down, yeah?


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