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Katie Price is looking to buy this INSANE bed for baby Jett. LOOK AT IT.

Katie Price is looking to buy this INSANE bed for baby Jett. LOOK AT IT.

Matryoshka doll-a-like and occasional glamour model Katie Price is apparently setting up her 12-month-old son Jett for life as an explorer or WWII Tornado enthusiast, given the type of bed she’s looking at buying him.

Earlier today on Twitter, Katie posted a picture of this insanely elaborate retro aeroplane bed she wants to buy her baby son, because apparently Friends-style racing car cots just don’t cut it anymore.

We don’t want to piss on her chips, but is that really going to be suitable for a child who hasn’t actually reached his first birthday yet? Isn’t it going to leave him with a deep apprehension of self-propelled machines? And just how practical is it going to be to change the sheets on that thing after the inevitable 4am puke-a-thon all kids go through at some stage?

Still. We’re fully on board with it – as long as Katie tweets a picture of Jett wearing pilot goggles, a sheepskin-lined leather jacket and a full false moustache. We’d pay dollar money to see that.

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