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Turns out Paris Hilton, P Diddy and Lindsay Lohan all watched Orlando Bloom punch Justin Bieber

Orlando Bloom answers his phone. ‘Hello,’ a voice says. ‘Is this Orlando Bloom?’ ‘Yes,’ Orlando Bloom says. ‘This is Orlando Bloom.’ ‘Orlando Bloom,’ the voice says. ‘This is the Queen of actual England.’ ‘Ma’a—‘ Orlando Bloom starts. ‘No,’ the Queen of England says. ‘No. It is I who should be calling you ma’am. Or Sir, or whatever. Orlando Bloom: I ...


EXCLUSIVE: Danny Cipriani: “Jordan was never my girlfriend”

Danny Cipriani has hit the headlines more for his performances off the field than on it – who can forget his turbulent relationship with Kelly Brook and not to mention his brief romance with Jordan. But we caught up with Danny [who is actually SINGLE] last night at the launch of the Give Me Sport magazine at the Library private ...


Kelly Osbourne faces $50k lawsuit after her dog poops all over a condo

Kelly Osbourne is facing a $50,000 lawsuit over allegations that she wrecked a rented condo with a whole mess of poop. Dog poop, but still poop. It’s still poop. According to TMZ (who must have relished that call, right? ‘Hello, y’alright TMZ? Yeah nothing much going on only Kelly Osbourne’s dog just pooped so hard she’s getting sued. Bye.’), the ...


Here’s Lana Del Rey’s new video, Ultraviolence

Hey, Lana Del Rey has a new video for her single Ultraviolence! Wait, wait, before you watch it, guess: which of these three scenarios is she acting out in the vid? — Lana Del Rey is doing a hi-tempo dance routine with lots of ‘hands in the air’ type moments and head tilts, before pointing to Tinie Tempah who says “HAAA!” ...


Katy Perry: ‘I don’t need a dude to have a baby!’

Katy Perry doesn’t need a man to have a baby with, meaning Katy Perry doesn’t understand one of the most basic tenets of human biology. Katy: u ok hun? U need a GCSE refresher course or something hun? U need us to point sexlessly at a diagram of a uterus on a big wall for u hun? Well, no: Katy ...


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