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VIDEO: Watch the trailer for hilarious new comedy Sex Tape – featuring NSFW language, Cameron Diaz' boobs and Jason Segel IN HIS PANTS

Listen, it's easily done – who hasn't accidently shared something on social media that on second thoughts, they'd rather not? Granted, in this case it's Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel inadvertently inviting their nearest and dearest – plus their super-creepy postman – to watch them getting it on, but still. We've all been there, right? Sex Tape is the latest ...


Is Kim Kardashian REALLY quitting reality TV for Kanye West?

Kim Kardashian is said to be thinking of ending her reality TV career to please new husband Kanye West, a source has claimed. According to the Sunday People, Kim is "coming around" to Kanye's views on privacy and – despite making her name on Keeping Up With The Kardashians – will "very likely" take the decision to stop appearing on ...


Martin Freeman teases Sherlock series 4: ‘Expect the unexpected’

Sherlock news now, and Martin Freeman from off of Sherlock has been teasing Sherlock fans with news about the fourth series of Sherlock.   IN WHICH WE DO THAT REALLY TIRED SHERLOCK JOKE WE DO EVERY TIME WE WRITE ABOUT SHERLOCK   SHERLOCK: John! MARTIN FREEMAN FROM OFF OF SHERLOCK: What, Sherlock? SHERLOCK: Moriarty’s ice bucket challenge! M/F/f/o/o/S: What about ...


GBBO’s Diana Beard blasts BBC producers over Baked Alaska controversy: ‘They’ve exploited me for entertainment – they should be ASHAMED’

With the United Kingdom – nay, THE WORLD – still reeling from the shock departure of Iain Watters from Wednesday’s episode of the Great British Bake Off, it’s almost too much to think about the fallout: namely that his supposed saboutaging rival Diana Beard has since quit the show. Last night we reported how 69-year-old Diana left filming a few ...


GBBO drama continues – Diana QUITS the show after Iain's #BinGate incident

After last night's dramatic Great British Bake Off #BinGate incident featuring ousted contestant Iain Watters and WI-loving ice cream 'saboteur' Diana Beard, it's been revealed that Diana quit the show a few days after the Baked Alaska episode was filmed. A BBC spokesperson explained tonight how Diana handed in her GBBO apron just days after the controversy because she became ill ...


Sue Perkins and Paul Hollywood weigh in on the GBBO #FreezerGate scandal: ‘This is a show about CAKES’

OK, if you haven’t yet caught up on this week’s Great British Bake Off, you’re going to want to grab a friend and get them to skim-read this before reading on, because there are MASSIVE SPOILERS on the way. Done that? Great. Now OHMIGOD CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED ON LAST NIGHT’S BAKE OFF? We’re still reeling after massive-beard-with-talented-baker-attached Iain ...


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