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Ewan McGregor is a happy naked person

Ewan McGregor is a happy naked person

Ewan McGregor is a man who likes getting naked - and he's not afraid to admit it. "I've never understood actors who have rules against nudity," he told Parade. "I wouldn't consider myself an actor if I had a list of things I won't do. In my everyday life, I'm naked quite a lot of the time. And yet, the second we put it onscreen everybody has a heart attack. I really don't get it. I'm not an exhibitionist. I'm just very comfortable being naked in movies because I think and I believe that movies reflect real life." He also admits in the same interview that his wife has only ever got angry about one sex scene he had to do. "My wife has always been OK with them except when she was pregnant with our first daughter, Clara, and I went off to do the sex scene in Trainspotting," he says. "Hormonally, she was all over the place. We had a massive fight about it. But that's the only time it's ever been an issue." Do you think you'd be fine with your other half simulating sex with other ladies for a living?


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