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There could be more Harry Potter books, but without Harry Potter

There could be more Harry Potter books, but without Harry Potter

Back in October J.K. Rowling talked about the possibility of writing more Harry Potter novels, telling Oprah Winfrey that “I feel I’m done, but you never know.” Which was nice and vague, but also gave us some hope for more books.

Now that promotion for the second to last film is in full swing, J.K has once again been asked about the chance of a return to Hogwarts, and it looks like more books could be in the works. Yay! However, if – and that’s a big if – there are more books, we’re going to have a long wait, and they won’t actually star Harry Potter, “If in 10 years time I wanted to do another one I probably would,” revealed Rowling, “However, I said to Dan [Radcliffe] I don't think there will ever be another book with Harry as the central character. So Dan can sleep easy.”

Which begs the question who should be the focus of any future books? Will they be about Lily and James? The New Class? Dumbledore? Neville? Or should J.K invent some totally new characters?


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