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Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in The Vow!

Channing Tatum is everywhere right now. Everywhere apart from naked in our living room that is, but we’re working on that. Not only is he currently running around looking buff in Haywire and 21 Jump Street, but he’s also back for some slushier stuff in The Vow. Hurrah! Even better, he’s starring alongside one of our fave actresses, Rachel McAdams.

Before you get all excited at the prospect of some rom-com frivolity to brighten your bleak January day, be warned. This is the kind of sob-fest that will make you more upset than the sight of Denise Welch’s boobs ingrained in your memory for life. What would you expect when Dear John meets The Notebook, though? In fact, we’d have been kind of disappointed if it didn’t make us want to cry ourselves into a hysterical state of sadness. Is that wrong?

Rachel McAdams plays Paige, who falls into a coma after a car accident (sad). She wakes up (yay) but has severe memory loss and doesn’t remember her husband Leo, played by Channing (okay, now we’re sad again). Throw in plenty of flashbacks to their blissfully happy pre-accident romance and you may as well just pass us the emergency box of chocolate bars and Kleenex now.

There is one ray of hope that there will be a cheerful ending. It’s called Channing Tatum’s face. Seeing as their happiness basically depends on her falling back in love with him, and Channing looks like that, we’re guessing she won’t have a problem remembering why she was so keen on him in the first place. Not that we’re shallow.


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