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Will Smith is back in Men in Black 3!

We know we often come across as very mature and cultured (ahem) but we can’t help but be a teensy bit excited that Men in Black is back. Serious Will Smith is pretty brilliant, but there’s something about the silliness of him running about zapping aliens that we’ve missed.

It’s been ten whole years since the last MIB installment and this time around, Agent J wakes up to find Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K has disappeared from the present. He soon discovers that a rogue alien has assassinated his extra-terrestrial-busting buddy in the past, meaning he has to time-travel back to the 1960’s to save him. Apparently, if he doesn’t, it will change the whole course of history. No biggie, then.

Josh Brolin looks amazing as the younger Agent K, but we’re also pretty excited about indie Flight of the Conchords comedian, Jemaine Clement, playing a baddie, rumoured to be called Boris. And no, we don’t mean he’s playing an evil alien version of Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, before you ask. (Not that we thought that, or anything). Plus, they’ve got Alice Eve and the lovely Emma Thompson on board, as the past and present Agent Oh.

With an estimated budget of $215 million, we’ve got high hopes that this threequel will blow the slightly disappointing Men In Black 2 out of the water when it's released in May. If you needed any more proof that we are real Men In Black fans though, we still know all the words to the song. Now, sing along! “The good guys dress in black, remember that, Just in case we ever face to face and make contact. The title held by me... M.I.B…”


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