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The Oscars 2012: All the gossip – Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr joke, Angelina Jolie shows some leg

We’re still gripped by Oscars mania. So far we’ve had a look at all the winners and some of the totes emosh acceptance speeches, and more importantly we’ve seen the pretty, pretty dresses.

Now it’s time for the gossip! If you didn’t happen to stay up to the crack of dawn watching there ceremony, here are some of the highlights…

Gwyneth Paltrow vs Robert Downey Jr

Iron Man co-stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr messed about as they presented the award for Best Documentary. Rob walked on stage complete with a crew filming a documentary called The Presenter.

Angelina Jolie shows some leg

Angelina Jolie lived up to her reputation as one of Hollywood’s sexiest stars, flashing her leg in a split to the thigh gown. Presenting the award for Best Original Screenplay, the star was made fun of by the winners of the gong, who adopted her pin-flashing pose. Hilar!

Sacha Baron Cohen causes chaos

After a u-turn from Oscar producers, Sacha Baron Cohen WAS allowed to walk the red carpet dresses as his new comedy character from The Dictator General Aladeen. Of course the controversial comedian took the chance to cause some chaos, sprinkling the ashes of Kim Jong-Il over the red carpet until security hastily intervened.

Emma Stone gets over-excited!

Gwen and Robert weren’t the only presenters who tried to get the Oscars audience laughing. A super-excited Emma Stone did her best to get Ben Stiller feeling a little more enthusiastic about being on stage…

Sandra Bullock speaks Chinese *ahem*

Sandra Bullock wowed the audience with her language skills – speaking Madarin Chinese but with a slight German accent. This will makes sense once you watch the video..


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