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Anchorman 2 announced by Ron Burgundy

It’s only been eight years, but a sequel to one of our favourite films, Anchorman, has just been announced, by none other than Ron Burgundy himself.
Will Ferrell, dressed as Ron made an impromptu appearance on the Conan O’Brien show yesterday, in the trademark Anchorman red suit, while playing jazz flute to confirm to “the Americas, our friends in Spain, Turkey, and the UK, including England” that there would be a sequel to the 2004 hit.

This is some of the best news we’ve heard in ages - we still quote Anchorman 1 pretty regularly, so some new jokes would be great to add to our repertoire.
The film has been in talks for a while now, with Paramount Pictures – the film’s producers – giving it a no go at one point. But this morning, the director Adam McKay wrote on Twitter “A few people questioning if Anchorman 2 is 100% for sure happening. Let me assure and assuage: it is. We're writing now and we shoot in Feb”. Exciiting!
Most of the original cast, including Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd will be re-assembling the news team, presumably at the sound of Ron’s conch shell.

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Even Simon Cowell will be excited, who tweeted back in December “why haven't they made Anchorman 2? It's the funniest film I have ever seen.” And we all know how difficult he is to please.
So what do you think will happen in Anchorman 2? Will Ron and Veronica Coringstone be married with a family of little anchormen and women?  How will Ron be coping without the support of his dog Baxter? Will Brick declare love to other office objects, maybe a desk?


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