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SCREAM! It's the new teaser trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

Ooooh err, there’s another Twilight teaser out.  Those meanies in Hollywood are really keeping us waiting with their top secret Twilight clips.  Last week we showed you the 15 second teaser trailer, and now we get the – gasp – 49 second version.
This longer version gives us EVEN MORE reactions to Bella (Kristen Stewart) becoming a vampire.  We hear from the lady herself (she’s happy she can shine now), and get a proper look at her, seeing her official vampire’s red eyes and pale skin.  She also gives a poor little deer a scary bloodthirsty look at the end of the video – now we know she’s not human anymore.
It seems like her transformation has heated up her relationship with Edward (Robert Pattinson) – they’re the same temperature now (pun intended).  In the clip, he gives her a loving stroke, as you’d expect your new husband to do when you’re better from nearly dying and that, and says she's beautiful.  All together now: swoooon.
Exciting as this all is, we have to wait ‘til November until we can see the final instalment, although we can expect loads more teasing like this until then. 
The film has to compete with new fantasy flick The Hunger Games, which had the third biggest opening weekend ever this weekend – but from the looks of it, there’s loads in store to get our bums on seats the MINUTE it opens.


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