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It’s the heatworld Twilight A-Z! Z is for... Zafrina

With just 26 days to go before the very last film in the Twilight Saga it’s time for heatworld to kick off the celebrations in the run-up to the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 with our A-Z of all things Twilight.

A is for
alice twilight poster


Alice (Vampire) is the adopted daughter of the Carlisle and Esme Cullen, and soulmate of Jasper. Somewhat psychic, Alice experiences strong premonitions of the future and utilizes them to keep her family safe. However this skill is blocked if the werewolves are in close proximity.  Alice abstains from drinking the blood of humans, like the rest of her family, choosing instead to live peacefully alongside humans.  Alice is played by Ashley Green.


twilight aro

Widely accepted as the leader of the vampire-governing Volturi, Aro is an ancient vampire with incredible power. Gifted with tactile telepathy, he can read all the thoughts and memories of a person simply by touching them.  Aro is a traditional vampire, feeding on human blood.  He resides in Volterra. Admiring of the skills of the Cullen’s, Aro will play an integral part in the forthcoming final instalment of the Saga, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2. Aro is played by British actor Michael Sheen.

B is for...


bella twilight

We’re introduced to Bella in the first instalment of The Twilight Saga - Twilight - as she begins as a new student at Forks High School, Washington, after moving to Forks to live with her father Charlie. This is where she meets now husband Edward - another of the Cullen’s adopted children.  At the end of the previous instalment of The Twilight Saga, Bella is changed into a vampire amid dramatic scenes. Bella is played by Kristen Stewart.



Billy comes from a long line of Quileute tribe members who are self-proclaimed shape shifters and spirit warriors and is the father of Jacob, the most famous of the ‘wolfpack’ and friend of and admirer of Bella. Billy however never phased into a werewolf as vampires were not in Forks during his youth, therefore not triggering the gene.  Billy is played by Gil Birmingham

C is for...


Carlisle (Vampire) is the creator of the Cullen family or ‘coven’ as groups of vampires are known. Like Alice and the rest of his family, he abstains from drinking human blood and has learnt to control his thirst for human blood to such an extent that he can work as a doctor in the local hospital.  He is driven to work in this profession as he wants to do good even if he ‘is damned regardless’.  Carlisle is played by Peter Facinelli.


A Vampire and one of the other Volturi leaders alongside Aro, Caius is unmerciful and ruthless. Caius has an immense capacity to hate and in the second installment of the Saga, was keen to kill Bella, then still human, but followed the will of Aro who was intrigued by her natural ability to block his powers. Caius is played by Brit Jamie Campbell Bower

D is for...


Demitri is a Vampire in the Volturi guard and is regarded as a gifted tracker, hence his recruitment into the Volturi. He is played by Charlie Bewley, another Brit in the cast!
The Denali are the only other known vegetarian vampire coven besides the Cullens.They are very close with the Cullens and regard them as allies, so strongly that they refer to each other as extended family. The featured briefly in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 and will be more prominent in final instalment The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which arrives in cinemas November 16th.  The Denali coven is made up of Tanya, Irina, Carmen, Kate  and Eleazar.  They reside in Alaska.

E is for...


Edward Cullen
Edward is the Vampire who falls in love with Bella when she arrives in Forks. Ultimately, he becomes her husband. Edward is a member of the Cullen coven and is therefore also ‘vegetarian’, abstaining from feeding off humans. He holds the power of telepathy but unlike Aro, who has to be touching his target, Edward can read minds from a distance. However he cannot, like Aro, read Bella’s mind. Edward is played by Robert Pattinson.

Esme Cullen
Esme, another vegetarian vampire of the Cullen coven, was changed by Carlisle after attempting suicide due to the loss of her child. She acts as mother over the Cullens due to her immense capacity for compassion, something she has in common with husband Carlisle.  Esme is portrayed by Elizabeth Reaser. 

F is for...


One of the rainiest places in the United States, Forks, Washington is the perfect spot for a family of vampires. In The Twilight Saga, vampires are not destroyed by sunlight, however direct sunlight exposes them as it makes their skin sparkle. Forks’ constant cloud cover is therefore perfect for the Cullens to go about a normal life with little to no suspicion. 

Bella has a small group of friends at high school in Forks. These are Eric, Angela, Jessica and Mike. Jessica is the valedictorian of Forks High School in the films but in the books, it is actually Eric! Friends is also a track on the soundtrack of The Twilight Saga: New Moon.  The track is by Band of Skulls.

G is for...


Garrett, a nomadic vampire, comes to the Cullen’s aid in TheTwilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2. He is an old friend of Carlisle Cullen.  He is portrayed by Lee Pace.
Gregory Tyree Boyce

Gregory plays a small but integral part in The Twilight Saga portraying Tyler, who goes to school with Edward and Bella. It’ s Tyler who, in the first instalment of The Twilight Saga: Twilight, skids on the ice in his car in the high school parking lot, and  almost kills Bella, with Edward coming to her rescue...

H is for...

A Volturi ‘fisher,’ Heidi is in charge of bringing them humans they can feed on. She holds the power to attract anyone in the world, human or otherwise. Heidi features in New Moon and is played by model Noot Seear.

Hale is the surname of Rosalie (Vampire) of the Cullen family. Jasper, also of the Cullens, takes the same surname as her adopted brother (Jasper’s original surname is Whitlock).

I is for...


Irina (Vampire) is member of the Denali coven. Her mate Laurent was a victim of an attack by the wolfpack when he attempted to attack Bella in New Moon. This incident drove Irina away from the Cullens. Irina is the vampire you see in the trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 reporting a crime to the Volturi...  Irina is played by Maggie Grace.

Isle Esme

The setting of Bella and Edward’s honeymoon, Isle Esme was a gift to Edward’s mother (Esme) from his father (Carlisle). Located off the coast of Rio de Janiero, it is filled with tropical forests and beautiful beaches. It is also where Bella and Edward’s daughter Renesmee is conceived.

J is for...


Jacob is a member of the Quileute tribe and rightful Alpha of the wolfpack, although he relinquishes this to Sam until he creates his own pack later in the Saga. He is best friends with Bella, having met her during their early childhood. His father, Billy, is best friends with Bella’s father, Charlie. For the last four films in The Twilight Saga, Jacob has sought to win Bella’s heart from Edward and even stole a kiss in Eclipse. Jacob is played by the ABS-olutely gorgeous Taylor Lautner.


Jasper (Vampire) is the adoptive sister of Rosalie and part of the Cullen coven. He is the mate of Alice. It was Alice who brought him to the Cullens and introduced him to their ‘vegetarian’ lifestyle. He is the newest to this way of living and therefore finds it a little harder being around Bella and humans in general than the others. He helped create newborn armies after he was first turned and this knowledge helped the Cullen’s in the third instalment of The Twilight Saga, Eclipse. Jasper is played by Jackson Rathbone.

K is for...


Kate (Vampire) is a member if the Denali coven who possesses the power to create an electric current in her skin that shocks anyone who comes into contact with her. She is also a ‘vegetarian’ vampire, choosing to not prey on humans to satisfy her appetite for blood. Kate is played by Casey LaBow.


Edward and Bella stole their first kiss in the first instalment of The Twilight Saga and what an intense moment that was!  The Saga has continued to deliver in the lip-locking stakes to such an extent that the Saga has won the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss for Edward and Bella’s antics a staggering FOUR TIMES! Will they get another nod for their smooching efforts in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2?  Only time will tell!

L is for L...


Laurent (Vampire) was previously a member of both James’ nomadic coven (Twilight) and the Denali coven after becoming mates with Irina. He was attacked by the wolfpack in New Moon after attempting to kill Bella. He was sent to find her by Victoria, a woman fuelled by revenge for the loss of her mate James who was killed by the Cullens in Twilight whilst they were protecting Bella from him.  Edi Gathedi plays Laurent in the first two films of The Twilight Saga.


Leah is the only female shape shifter/wolfpack member in Quileute history. Once the girlfriend of Sam Uley, she was left bitter and angry when he imprinted on Emily. She dislikes Bella as she is privy to Jacob’s heartbreak over her relationship with Edward through the telepathy they share when in wolf form. Leah is portrayed by Julia Jones.

M is for...


Marcus (Vampire), alongside Aro and Caius, is one of the founders of the Volturi and has the gift of relationship identification, enabling him to see the emotional ties between people. Marcus is played by Christopher Heyerdahl.


Maggie (Vampire) is part of the Irish coven and has the skill of knowing when she is being lied to. She and her fellow Irish coven members come to the aid of the Cullens in the final instalment of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, which arrives in UK cinemas on November 16th.  Maggie is played by Marlane Barnes.

N is for...

A newborn is a vampire that is newly changed from a human into an immortal. In the first years of their life, vampires are at their most powerful, as they still have some remnants of their human form about them. They are also at their most uncontrollable as they react instinctively to their thirst. Because of this, the Volturi passed a law that no child should be changed as they risk exposing vampires existence. In Eclipse, the Cullens and the wolfpack had to fight a specially created arm of newborns.

O is for...

Old age

Old age, or lack of it, is something that makes up an integral part of the The Twilight Saga. As vampires, the Cullen family do not age. This is reflected in an in-joke in the Cullen household - a large collection of graduation caps adorns their walls as Alice, Jasper, Edward, Rosalie and Emmett graduate multiple times over their long lives from the schools in the different towns they set up home.

P is for


Paul was third to join the wolfpack in Twilight and is the volatile of the pack.  It is during an altercation with Bella in New Moon that the Quileute tribe’s secret is revealed as his inability to control his temper causes him to ‘phase’ into his wolf form in front of Bella . Paul is played by Alex Meraz.

Port Angeles

A bigger town on the Olympic Peninsula, Port Angeles is the hotspot for the Forks High School-ers to hang out. It is here that Bella is rescued by Edward in Twilight after being accosted by four men.  She also has her first ‘date’ with Edward here, learning that he can read minds as they dine in a Port Angeles restaurant.

Q is for...


Quil is another member of the wolfpack and a good friend of Jacobs.  He was one of the last of the last of the wolfpack to make the change and was eagerly awaiting when the time would come for him. Quil is played by Tyson Houseman.

Quileute Tribe

Quileute is the name of the Native American tribe from which Jacob and the wolfpack are descended. They all live on the tribe’s reservation in Forks. Jacob’s father, Billy, is on the Quileute council.  Their forefathers were spirit warriors and in New Moon, Billy tells the history of the tribe and how the spirit warriors became shapeshifters.

R is for...  


The daughter of Bella and Edward, Renesmee is a half-human half-vampire hybrid. She too possess special powers, like her father, but we’ll remain Breaking Dawn - Part 2 spoiler free! She is also the imprintee of Jacob, and loves him as much as she loves her parents.  Renesme is played by Mackenzie Foy.


Renee is the mother of Bella. Slightly erratic, she lives with her minor league baseball player husband in Florida. Renee and Bella are extremely close, as she grew up with her, not moving to live with her father until she was 17.  Rene is played by Sarah Clarke.

S is for  SAM and SENNA


Sam is the alfa male of the Quiluete wolfpack.  By rights, this should be Jacob, but he wavered that right having no desire to be the leader.  Sam imprinted on Emily, breaking Leah, another member of the wolkpack’s heart and this is a cause of some tension in the pack.  Sam is played by Chaske Spencer.


Senna (Vampire) is one of the witnesses to come forward to help the Cullens in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2.  She is from the Amazon Coven.  Senna is portrayed by Tracey Heggins.

T is for

Tanya is part of the Denali clan of vampires who are also abstain from drinking human blood. She is the leader of the Denali coven and it is alluded to that she used to have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Edward (and who can blame her?).


Twilight is where the phenomenon began! The first book in The Twilight Saga was first published in the United States back in 2005. Written by Stephenie Meyer, she is reported to have said that the book was inspired by a dream she had. From this initial novel, the phenomenon of The Twilight Saga was born, both on the page and screen!

U is for...

Unrequited love

Throughout the Twilight Saga, there are several couples that just aren't meant to be and their love remains unrequited. First, there's the on-going love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob. Jacob is hopelessly in love with Bella, who loves Jacob dearly as her best friend but her heart truly belongs to Edward.
Leah Clearwater is also deeply in love with Sam Uley; they were involved in a serious relationship for three years. However, Sam imprinted on Emily Young and immediately broke up with Leah. Ever since, Leah has been extremely bitter and continues to blame both Sam and Emily for her heartache.

V is for...


Seen as royalty across all vampires, the Volturi create and enforce the laws of the vampire world. They are the largest coven in the world, just ahead of the Cullens and the Denalis. Their hunger for power becomes in increasingly large problem, as they threaten Bella and her daughter.

Victoria (vampire) is Bella's arch nemesis for the first three films within The Twilight Saga. After Victoria's mate (James) was killed by the Cullens in Twilight, Victoria started a vendetta against Bella to get revenge for James' death: 'a mate for a mate'. Victoria then began creating a newborn army with fellow vampire Riley to completely destroy the Cullen’s leading to the dramatic finale of Eclipse.

W is for...


Of all the creatures in the world, it’s the shape-shifting Werewolves of the Quileute tribe who have the strength to kill vampires.  The wolf pack in The Twilight Saga is made up of Quil, Embry, Sam, Paul, Leah, Seth, Jared and, of course Jacob.  Later in the Saga, Jacob breaks away and forms his own pack of werewolves with Leah and Seth.


In The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (in cinemas Friday!), the Cullens face the Volturi after the birth of Bella and Edward’s child Renesmee leads to a misunderstanding.  In order to put their case to the Volturi, the Cullens gather witnesses; a selection of vampires from across the globe, to support them. This leads to the epic conclusion seen in this final instalment of the Saga.

X is for...

X for X-cited

With last night’s premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, today’s Complete Saga Screenings (back to back showings of ALL the films in The Twilight Saga) in cinemas up and down the country and TOMORROW being the day the epic conclusion of The Twilight Saga hits UK cinemas, we and the Twilight fans across the UK really are finding it hard to contain our X-citement!  Head to the official UK Twitter for all the latest Twilight news andclick to read our review of the final instalment of The Twilight Saga.

Y is for Young love

The focus may be on Bella and Edward in The Twilight Saga, but there’s a lot of loving going around in Forks.  Whilst Bella loves Edward, Jacob loves Bella.  And Renesmee.  Then there’s Mike, Bella’s friend from high school who seems to be sweet on Bella in Twilight (much to the annoyance of her friend Jessica, who has a bit of a soft spot for Mike).  Alice and Jasper and Rosalie and Emmet may all be old in terms of their numbers of years gracing this fair planet, but they are frozen in their late teens also, so very much young at heart and crazy in love.  There must be something in the water…

Z is for...


Zafrina (Vampire) is a member of the Amazon coven and is another of the vampires who come to bear witness for the Cullens in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.  Zafrina is not a vegetarian like the Cullens but feeds on humans. She has the gift of visual projection; being able to make people see whatever it is she wills them to see. 

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is in cinemas NOW!



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