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Exclusive! Nick Grimshaw talks Wreck-It Ralph: ‘I’m in an Oscar nominated film. That’s ridiculous.’

Exclusive! Nick Grimshaw talks Wreck-It Ralph: ‘I’m in an Oscar nominated film. That’s ridiculous.’

When Nick Grimshaw isn’t touching his fringe and posing in a makeshift photo booth with various celebs, do you know what he is doing? Can you guess? Well, probably that as well, yes. But he is also lending his big northern vocals to Oscar nominated films like Wreck-It Ralph.


“I’m a film star. I’m a really big film star,” he told us. We think he was joking. Otherwise he must have inherited a touch of the medical phenomenon known as ‘Moyles’s Ego’. “They got in touch with me to do a role so I would talk about it every day on the radio and promote the film.”





But he said that the movie producers kept him well segmented from the real stars, as is proper.


“I just met John [C Reilly] and Sarah [Silverman] for the first time just then [on the red carpet]. A really natural way to meet somebody isn’t it, on the red carpet in front of every photographer. It was relaxing and natural.”


Wreck-It Ralph sees John C. Reilly play Ralph, a videogame baddy-turned-goody in animated form. Sarah Silverman plays Vanellope von Schweetz, who is a videogame goody who stays goody, and 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer is in it as well. Nick Grimshaw has one line, but received huge cheers for it at last night's VIP screening.


“It’s Oscar nominated,” he said. “Hello. I’m in an Oscar nominated film. That’s ridiculous.” Take THAT, Moyles. 




Nick also told us about The Incident of the Directioner in the Night-Time, or ‘that time someone got Harry Styles a stripper for his birthday’. “That was nothing to do with me,” Nick said. “It was very amusing though!”


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