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Robbie to make public apology to Take That manager

Robbie to make public apology to Take That manager

Why can’t these celebs just get along? The latest star being made to apologise is ex-Take Thatter Robbie Williams. The Stoke-born singer will have to say he’s sorry in court to former Take That manager Nigel Martin-Smith, who put the band together and is arguably to thank for putting the Robster on the map. The long-lasting feud, which began in 1993 when Martin-Smith successfully sued Robbie for walking out of the band, gathered pace when the star made claims in his song The 90s (from album Rudebox) that Martin-Smith ripped off Take That over tour payments. The song was rewritten and after an endless legal battle Rob’s lawyers are going to read a statement apologising. We always suspected Robbie was a bit of a sulker. It turns out that he could’ve cleared the whole thing up with a little chat, but chose not to. "I told Robbie I didn't want damages and that I would happily waive them if he would meet me face-to-face to chat about what has happened," explains Martin-Smith, “I said we should just be friends again. But he refused to meet me.” Surely a conversation is cheaper than the reported six-figure damages, Rob? Now that’s what we call stubborn.

Robbie to say sorry!Robbie says sorry


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