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Eek! Geri Halliwell plans chart comeback!

Eek! Geri Halliwell plans chart comeback!

Shocking news just in:  it’s believed Geri Halliwell is working on new material in the recording studio AS WE SPEAK. That’s right kids, it’s thought Miss Halliwell will be back on the mic and singing like she used to back in the Girl Power days. (So, not much at all then?)

In a bid to re-launch her ‘singing career’, the Scream if You Wanna Go Faster ‘hit-maker’ is said to have hooked up with writers and producers who she worked with while still a part of the Spice Girls. However, if we are honest, when she was in the Spice Girls we seem to remember more about her gob and platform shoes than her singing.

Despite this, a nosy insider source told the Daily Express: "She's working with the production teams behind some of the Spice Girls' biggest hits. She's very excited," More excited than that time she tried (and suceeded) to flog us yoga DVDs?

Most disturbingly, reports have suggested the ‘comeback track’ of choice will be titled Putting On The Bling (we kid you not) a reworking of the song Puttin' On The Ritz from the famous 1930's musical.

"This is classic Geri. Loud, brash and loads of fun. Geri is very good at making sure she gets noticed and this will be no exception to that rule," the source added. We actually checked it wasn’t April Fools day at this point.

Let’s think about this for one second. Do we really want Geri Halliwell back in the charts? Er, Mi Chico Latin-NO! We think Gezza should be more sensible and stick to her main talents – talking guff and wearing bikinis.

Plus, it will never meet the high standards that Geri herself set with this:


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