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SHOCKER: Liam Gallagher likes...

SHOCKER: Liam Gallagher likes...

What’s this? Liam Gallagher admitting that he likes someone outside of his band? Surely not…
Earlier today we heard that the Beady Eye singer said that Mumford & Sons ‘look like f****** amish people” and likened his brother Noel to Louis Walsh… However one person who has impressed him is Lady Gaga.
He told Shortlist, “I f**king like her. Some of it's bordering on ridiculous, but she brings it back around again because she can sing, she can dance, she's out there taking chances and she's not like all the other girl acts. She seems like she's a bit f**king mad and I like that. I like her, man."
Back in the days of Oasis Liam was used to topping the charts each time he released a single or album, Beady Eye haven’t managed to match that success yet, but Liam is adamant that he isn’t concerned, saying, "I'm not even worried. I'm certainly not arsed whether we go in at number one or number 71. I've been number one. If I was in a young band now then I'd be worried about it, but I've been there and had a look over the wall at what it is.
"It's not guitar music's time right now and that's the way it is. You can't force it to be in the charts and just because it is in the charts or at number one doesn't mean it's any f**king good. The f**king 'Birdie Song' nearly went to number one and that wasn't any good.”


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