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JLS: 'We'd love to party with The Risk!'

JLS: 'We'd love to party with The Risk!'

This week Heatworld were lucky enough to meet up with JLS boys JB and Marvin and get some juicy goss.The boys rocked up at Nandos where fans were being treated to an exclusive first listen of the brand spanking new album Jukebox. After dancing about with the best of them, we got to sit down with cheeky chaps, chomp on Peri Peri Chips and get them to dish the dirt on what they think you’ll love about the album, how much they want to party with The Risk, and what they’d give up for their Nandos card (It turns out, not a lot).

Hi guys! So tell us, what can the fans expect of the new album Jukebox?

JB: It’s like a compilation of the best songs we’ve written over the last 4 years. We’ve worked with some of the best producers and writers in the world.  Also Shy Of The Call, the first song we ever wrote together is on there too, we wrote that before we went on the X Factor.

Would you rather have this album go to Number 1, or get a Nandos black card?

Marvin: Wow. Oooh. That’s a tough one, our black card is a life saver.

Have you got one?

JB: Yeah, hell yeah!  Do you wanna see? *Pulls out black card*

Marvin: You know what that’s a very tough question, we’ve had a number 1 album, and our new one’s coming up soon…we can’t choose!

Let’s talk about the X Factor. Who are you guys backing to win?

JB: I really like Misha B, I really like her.

What do you think of The Risk?

Marvin: The Risk are sick and they can sing collectively really well. They seem like good lads, we bet a night out with them would be really cool, we look forward to a night out with them. We’re big fans hopefully they’ll do really well. They’ve got a great mentor too, Tulisa is great for them.

Does Louis still deserve to be on the panel?

JB: With anything you’re doing you need to have experience. In terms of the show and how it all works, Louis has been doing it since its conception. There is no one more experienced on that show than Louis, and you can’t forget that. No matter what anyone says in the press or backstage, Louis is hanging in there. He’s worked with some of the biggest groups in the UK.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

Marvin: Well we’re in talks with Bruno Mars about doing something, but our dream collaboration would of course be with Rihanna.

JB: We’d love to get back in the studio with Tinie.

Marvin: Yeah I spoke to Tinie yesterday, congratulated him on winning his Q award, he’s smashing it right now so we’d love to work with him again.

Who has got the worst habit in the band?

Both: Oritse!

Marvin: Yeah Oritse, he’s the messiest by far.

A little early to ask, but what do you want for Christmas?

Marvin: A number 1 album

Oritse: I’d like an actual JLS Jukebox

Marvin: Yeah! That’d be sick.


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