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One Direction talk about their next album!

One Direction talk about their next album!

*SCREAM* We were just starting to get One Direction withdrawal when the boys were kind enough to reveal some new gossip about their next album. Yay! The first bit of news? The boys want Ed Sheeran, who wrote the song 'Moments' for their first album Up All Night, to get involved on the new record too.

Liam Payne said to The Daily Star, “Ed is such a talented guy. We spoke to him about helping again for the next album, which we want to actually write with him this time. He gave us almost a whole album of songs to choose from last time, there were so many of his songs that we wanted to record.” Louis Tomlinson, added, “We want to take the next album into a different zone - more guitars and grungier.”

Oooh, so we could be head-banging at our next One Direction gig? “We like the sound of a real guitar on tour, we beefed up the live show so now we want to take it onto the album,” said Louis. Well, we’re fine with this, as long as the boys don’t start shaving their heads and getting tattoos. Harry’s hair is just TOO valuable to us.

The boys will be joining Ed tomorrow night at the Brit Awards where they’re up against his song ‘The A Team’ with their number one ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ for British Single. Niall Horan thinks, “It’s got to be Ed’s night,” though. “We are so nervous about it, I’ve been having nightmares. Waiting for the result is taking us back to what it was like on the X Factor, waiting to hear if we were through.” Ah, bless, would you like us to give you a hug? Please…

Harry Styles agreed, saying, “We all want to win now. We didn’t expect to even be nominated, but now we are we want to win. Hopefully the fans will pull us through. There’s one girl who has made 34 email accounts to help vote for us, so it will be down to them.” That TOTALLY wasn’t us. Ahem…

We just have one problem, which is that not only are the boys not singing at the ceremony, but they’re actually HAPPY about it. Niall said, “Thank God we are not performing. Imagine doing that in front of people like Coldplay, Adele? It’s mad.” Er…. No. It wouldn’t be mad, it would be a-mazing. Oh well, we suppose we’ll make do with the likes of Rihanna and Olly Murs. But FYI Olly, we’ll be much happier if you wear your tight silver trousers and thrust a lot. Ok? Good.


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