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One Direction say they aren’t changing their name!

While the One Direction boys are busy taking over the world, chatting up pretty ladies, and selling squillions of records, their legal team has a battle on their hands.

There’s a US group who are also called One Direction (you can see the problem here) are channeling the boys’ record company over use of the name. But the our One Direction aren’t going to give up their moniker…

Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have told reporters that they are not going to adopt a new name (good news for all those fans on Twitter who have One Direction somewhere in their screen name).

When Zayn was asked by the Herald Sun in Australia if the group were changing their name he simply replied, “No” (well, that’s to the point). He was then asked if that was a definitive answer, at which point he looked at Harry and replied, “Yes,” (he’s clearly a fan of few words).

A slightly more talkative Harry then chipped in, “We don't know. No. We will not be changing our name.” Then just to ever so slightly confuse matters, Zayn finished off by saying, “We don't know, but we're not changing our name.”

So we can conclude that the boys are fairly certain that they won’t need to think of a new name. Well, that’s sort of cleared things up then.


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