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heatworld get the goss from the Little Mix girls - from their love lives to collaborating with One Direction

heatworld get the goss from the Little Mix girls - from their love lives to collaborating with One Direction

To celebrate the Great British summer of fun, M&Ms has teamed up with X Factor winners Little Mix to launch a new limited edition Union Jack pack featuring exclusively red, white and blue peanut M&Ms.

We caught up with the girls before they went on stage at M&M World, to celebrate the launch of the patriotic treats. Here’s what they had to say:

So what have you guys been up to since The X Factor?

Leigh-Anne: We’ve been so busy haven’t we? We’ve been in the studio, recording our new album, which is coming out in autumn; we’re so excited, we can’t wait for it. We've been working hard on the single too.

Jade: We’ve being doing lots of photo shoots and all that kind of thing – it’s been great.

Perrie: We had the [X Factor] tour, which was amazing. It’s been really hectic but it’s been worth it.

What kind of thing can we expect from the album?

Perrie: I think what’s good about us is that we’ve all got individual tastes in music, so we’ve kind of merged that together. We’re going for the old-school harmonies, but with really modern beats.

Will your X Factor mentor Tulisa have anything to do with the album?

Jade: We haven’t got anything planned with her at the moment.

Leigh-Anne: It would be amazing to do something with her, so we’ll just have to see what happens?

Are you still in contact with her then?

Jade: Absolutely, yeah.

Perrie: We went out and celebrated her Number one with her not so long ago. We love that song.

Do you still see any of the other X Factor contestants?

Leigh-Anne: We still speak to Marcus, The Risk and Craig [Colton] – all of them really.

So what’s going on with your love lives at the moment? Jesy and Jade are you still seeing Jordan and Sam from dance group Diversity?

Both: Yup.

Jade: She [Jesy] introduced me to him - we went on a double date!

And what’s going on with you and One Direction's Zayn Malik, Perrie?

Perrie: We’re together – I think everyone knows now. I’m really happy.

Do you realise you’ve got the hottest boyfriend on the planet?

Perrie: Oh my god. I don’t think so!

Are things pretty serious?

Perrie: Everything’s good, yeah.

So, you all recently deleted your personal Twitter accounts. Did you decide to do that because Perrie was getting death threats from One Direction fans?

Perrie: Absolutely not, no. It wasn’t that at all. We decided as a group, that we’d delete our personal Twitters together because it would be easier for the fans to go to one Twitter instead of being like, ‘What’s Perrie doing? What’s Jade doing?’ Now we all tweet from the same account, it’s much easier for the fans; for when we promote something.

Jade: Everyone knows who we are still; we can still tweet individually from that account. It just seems right having just one Twitter.

Since you’ve became superstars have you felt any pressure to slim down? Or change the way you dress?

Jade: I’ve never eaten more in my life!

Leigh-Anne: The thing about us is that we said in the beginning, we’re always going to stay who we are – we’re not going to change. We’ve all kept our own styles – as you can see, we’re all individual in our styles.

Jesy: I think the thing with us as well, is we’re all different shapes and sizes and I think that’s why a lot of girls can relate to us. We’re proud of our body shapes, aren’t we?

Did you ever row on The X Factor about song choices or anything?

All: No!

Jade: We’re always like a unit. Especially when it came to song choices and stuff.

Leigh-Anne: The thing is, we were lucky to have each other. Because if we didn’t have each other, we’d have all crumbled.

Jesy: We’re very focused, so I don’t think arguing would have come into it. We always knew what we wanted.

Perrie: And we know that we’re stronger as a four.

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met – who’s really got you starstruck?

Perrie: Out of all the people we’ve met, it has to be Matt Cardle; I ran away from him! When he was on the show, I used to rewind him and listen and rewind him… Then when I met him, I was like, ‘Ohhhh.’ And I’ve never ever been like that. It was bizarre.

Leigh-Anne: I’d personally say Rihanna. I didn’t actually meet her, but when she performed on The X Factor, she walked past me and said my hair was awesome and I nearly fainted. It was incredible.

Jesy: I’d probably say Lady Gaga. She is so lovely – she’s really, really nice. Because she’s so eccentric, no-one knows what she’s going to be like in real-life. But she’s so lovely and really down to earth. It didn’t feel real.

Perrie: Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child and Mel C. We met a lot of famous people on The Xtra Factor.

Leigh-Anne: Emma Bunton as well.

Perrie: Emma was the sweetest person I’ve ever met – she was just lovely.

Have you got any collaborations planned for the future?

Jesy: None at the moment.

Jade: We would like to do some collaborations for the album, but we’re still in the early stages at the moment. Who knows along the way though.

So who would be your dream collaboration?

Jesy: I think we’ve all individually got different people because we’ve all got different tastes in music.

Jade: I think it would be nice for us to work with a British rapper. Professor Green or someone like that.

Leigh-Anne: Rizzle Kicks would be cool.

Jesy: If I could have anyone it would be Missy Elliott.

Leigh-Anne: Imagine! She’d be good for a sick hip-hop tune. And I’d probably say Usher for a nice RnB song.

Perrie: I would say Steve Perry [lead singer of rock band Journey] but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Any chance of you doing a song with One Direction?

They all laugh.

Jesy: I think we’re all a bit too different.

Perrie: We could teach them the moves to Super Bass.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever been sent by a fan?

Perrie: A fan got a tattoo once. It was a P in a heart on his hand.

Jade: And didn’t someone take a piece of your hair, Perrie?

Perrie: Yeah someone did do that once.

Jade: That’s not really a gift though is it; it’s more of a violent act.

Perrie: But if it makes them happy…

Jesy: We get lovely things. We get nice books that people make, full of pictures. Lots of lovely letters – it’s really nice.

To celebrate British summertime Little Mix are launching M&Ms limited edition Union Jack Pack, featuring red, white and blue peanut M&Ms. Available now.


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