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Shia LaBeouf gets NAKED for music video

Ever watched a Transformers film and wished… no, willed, Shia LaBeouf would just give up fighting those evil machines for just five minutes and slip into something more comfortable? Yeah, us too. Just a towel would have done… or a pair of boxers (we’re not fussy).  Anyway, it seems all of our Shia-related dreams have now come true and someone has finally managed to get the hot bearded one to strip right off. Except, he hasn’t done it for a new film... instead he’s got nekkid for a very different kind of acting role – for a music video!

Shia filmed the piece for Icelandic band Sigur Rós – and the video itself is for their new track Fjögur píanó (Four Pianos), which forms a part of the band’s mystery film experiment project. Shia stars in the video alongside pretty blonde actress Denna Thomsen, who also walks about in the nuddy (we warn you, there are nipples) – but the pair seem very at ease getting their bits out. In fact, they don't even seem to bothered when they start dressing up in bondage gear (ooh-er!) and erm, enjoying some colourful lollipops a little more than they should!



Now, there’s no doubt about it, Shia is total hottie – but we weren’t expecting to see quite this much of him when we started watching the video. We also have to say, this is all a bit darker than our usual fodder. So if you prefer a naked Shia to be left to the imagination – perhaps steer clear. If, however, you’re totally up for seeing Shia letting it all hang loose (and we mean all), then you should probably stop reading this and press play above.



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