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Florence and the Machine: The Musical…

Florence and the Machine: The Musical…

Florence Welch is reportedly planning to put her music career on hold and focus on penning a musical. The singer will be taking a year long break after their tour finishes next month.

A budding playwright…

The 26-year-old introduced her new aspiration earlier this week when she admitted that she’s planning to get together with a school friend and get to work on writing a script.

Speaking about the venture, she admitted that, “it would be amazing to get it into the West End. That’s obviously the dream goal.”

Have you been talking to Busted’s, James Bourne?

The Dog Days singer is well due a break however so it’s no wonder she wants to take some time out. Although after a five-year slog, two number one albums and numerous tours, we don’t think we’d be writing anything for a long time.

“I’ve been on tour since I was 21. I need a break and to have the chance to do normal things, like go to the supermarket and hang out with my friends.”

“I’ve only just moved out of my mum’s house, so I’d like to settle into my new place and start getting inspired again. If I started writing songs now, all they’d be about is tour buses and hotel rooms.”

Maybe you should move into a theatre, Florence.

The bands European tour kicks off at the London O2 on 5 December. If you love the red headed songstress, you better try and get in there to see her quick before she disappears.

We can’t wait to see what her musical is about though.


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