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Omigod! It's Steve Jones NAKED! Look! Swoon. Thud.

heatworld is writing this from beyond the grave, due to having died and gone to heaven. This weekend Steve Jones (who we are having an affair with behind Jason Orange's back) got us all flustered and giggling like a schoolgirl during a T4 sketch spoofing Hollyoaks. In said spoof, the oh-so buff one stripped down to just his shoes and geeky socks, hiding his modesty behind an average-sized guitar. heatworld is going to Downing Street at lunchtime to request a change in the law, which requires ALL acoustic guitars are made out of Perspex and not wood.

*Presses play again. Resumes quiet sobbing, due to sheer joy at sight of Welsh rarebit.*

It's Steve Jones NAKED!See Steve Jones NAKED!See Steve Jones NAKED!


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