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Read our exclusive interview with Hollyoaks' Zoe Lister

Read our exclusive interview with Hollyoaks' Zoe Lister

Zoe Lister's Hollyoaks character – who is also called Zoe, which is nice – is having a pretty tough time of it at the moment. Framed for the murder of her best friend and one-time lover Sarah by the evil and twisted Lydia, she's currently standing trial in one of the most tense weeks of Hollyoaks we've seen in ages. Actress Zoe Lister will soon be waving farewell to Chester for good, but before she left she made some time to answer YOUR questions. Read the full interview below. We're going to miss lovely Zoe.

How are you feeling about leaving Hollyoaks?
Nervous. Totally panicked. But also very excited; it’s going to be a whole new world. I quite like a bit of upheaval in my life every few years. I’m trying to keep a lid on the terror.
What were your feelings about leanring to skydive?
I was massively excited, until I got into the plane. You have a day of ground training and make sure you know your reserve drills, then basically you just get into a plane and jump out. It’s great, but it doesn’t get any less terrifying. I’ve done thirteen jumps now, with the last two being live takes for the show.
Do you wish you had the death scene as your exit?

Not particularly – it’s been interesting to deal with the aftermath of Sarah’s death. You don’t have to do much in a death scene, just scream and that’s it. But I suppose you get remembered for it!
What would your ideal exit be?
I’d really like something positive for her because she’s had such a crap year. She really needs to go and do something for herself. On her own, and independent. She needs to go find herself.
What has your favourite Zoe storyline been?
Oh, it’s definitely the stuff I’m doing at the moment, which I can’t reveal. It’s really exciting. Brilliantly dramatic.
Who was the best 'Oaks boy you’ve had to snog.
Oh, Ashley Taylor-Dawson, who plays Darren. What a sweetie. He’s such a lovely bloke in real life; we just had such a giggle.
What was it like to snog Tony Hirst (Mike Barnes)?
Ha! He’s great, actually. But when you’re having any sort of kissing scene, because you’re not in love with that person in real life, it’s all the same. It’s all acting, so it doesn’t really matter who it is; man, woman, older or younger, it’s all a bit odd.
What will you miss most about being on the show?
Lame answer, but the truth: the people. Everyone gets on so well, and the crew are just the salt of the earth. It’s like its own little world, a lot of people have worked here since the Brookside days. It’s so close and the banter is high.
What will you not miss?
Maybe the early starts? And how sometimes it’s all-consuming, and you don’t have any time for anything or anybody else. It’s 7am till 7pm, then you’ve got to learn lines for the next day.
Talk us through a Hollyoaks cast night out.
Well, there was one last Saturday, actually. It started off at 3pm at the Lowry Hotel for afternoon tea with the girls – lots of cucumber sandwiches and scones and a bit of champagne as well. Then we all went out in Manchester and had a wonderful time, barring and clubbing. It got messy. It finished about 4am, I think. Eleven hours.
What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought yourself?
Probably my car. It’s a Mini Cooper convertible. I love it to pieces. It’s cream coloured with racing stripes down the front. I haven’t named it properly, but I call it Mini Coops.
What do you have planned next?
Plans? Plans? Ha! Hopefully some theatre, quality dramas and so on. As long as I’m working. I’d love to do a period drama. A Brontë would be good, but they’ve all been on recently.
Would you consider a reality show like Strictly Come Dancing?
I’d never say never, but it’s not high on the agenda.
Who do you want to win the X Factor?
I wanted Jamie Afro! I liked his big hair and I thought he was great.


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