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Let's talk about last night's AMAZING Junior Apprentice!

The Junior Apprentice might just be the best show we’ve seen all year! We were concerned that the Junior version wouldn’t be as good, but how wrong we were! The fact that the contestants are all slightly awkward teens just makes the viewing all the more cringe-worthy and brilliant – and there are already some genius characters emerging. We loved beardy Tim’s “wind is my least favourite type of weather” excuse for not making more of his Credit Crunch Lunch boxes - the boy works shearing sheep, for God’s sake! Then there’s ice maiden Zoe, who’s red-lipped sneer is about two-and-a-half feet above her teeny tiny but just as tough teammate Kirsty. Don’t watch the above clip unless you want to find out who was the first to go, but do watch it if you want to witness Lord Sugar’s most heartfelt firing to date. We cannot wait to see more of this show. What did YOU all think?


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