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Lucie Cave's Diary - Stalking One Direction

Lucie Cave's Diary - Stalking One Direction

I have spent an unhealthy amount of time this week looking at One Direction.

Harry tweeted (I like to think directly to me) that they were on a live streaming webchat and I found myself, at 11.35pm, a time when I should have been in bed battling with nightmares of Gillian Mckeith, staring gormlessly as Liam told the screen he was planning world domination, Zain was flashing his torso in front of the webcam and Louis was ironing his face (the key to such smooth skin perhaps).

It took me a good 30 mins to pull myself away. And I've been having words with myself ever since. But this - one directionitus seems to be the affliction facing most females across the country - whether, like me, they're old enough to be their mums or they're just young and in lust.

Even Dermot O'Leary can't hide his affection. I met up with him last week (we dressed him up as Wagner - see this weeks heat for the amazing transformation) and he told me "I have a huge soft spot for those boys."

Seems they're not quite as innocent as we'd like to think either, "they can't keep their eyes off the dancers" laughed Derm.

Elsewhere in planet X Factor - I had a lovely luncheon with the show’s Fashion Director Grace Woodward who told me, "There's a lot of drama that goes on backstage" but insisted the rumours of her snogging contestant Matt Cardle were "a load of piffle".

She told me, "We have a very tactile and flirty relationship - I think he's adorable, but that's honestly as far as it goes."

Next it was over to the launch of SingStar Dance on PlayStation Move where Louie Spence was giving little Joe McElderry dance tips ahead of his Christmas gigs. T

he tips weren’t enough to get Joe on stage though, with Louie mincing away to “I will survive” (how can you possibly compete with that?!).

In other news I've discovered a new way of dieting that doesn't involve counting calories or going to the gym.

Health experts are recommending a vitamin supplement called zuccarin which, taken before meals, works by balancing your sugar levels (or something) and stops you feeling hungry!

Genius. Now all I need to do is make sure those meals consist of something other than lard and chips.

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