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Gary Barlow: I don’t want to be on X Factor

Gary Barlow: I don’t want to be on X Factor

Gary Barlow denied reports today that he’s ‘days away’ from signing onto the UK X Factor panel after Robbie Williams turned it down.

Gary would have been great: As we all know, he’s the notorious mean man of Take That, a real nasty critic and … hang on. Gary Barlow? He’s lovely. He’s no Simon Cowell.

Which is a good thing – as his ‘people’ issued a statement saying it’s “not true” he’ll be on the panel later this year.

The Take That star does know good music (this is the man that wrote Never Forget, people!) and we think he’d be ‘Nicole Scherzinger’ style nice to them too (“You need to work on your vocals”).

And he’s been a solo star (remember? No?) and in a band, so that’s pretty much all the categories covered. But Gary’s not up for it. Sorry everyone. Back to the X Factor guessing game.

Shall use this as an excuse to include the video to Never Forget? Yes we shall.


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